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Unlocking Agricultural Potential: Comble's Mission to Empower Farmers Worldwide

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The agricultural industry is a vital pillar of our society, providing us with the food we need to survive and thrive. However, farmers and agricultural professionals often face challenges in accessing reliable and up-to-date information to enhance their practices. That's where Comble comes in.

Comble is the brainchild of Anna Sheveleva, one of the co-founders, whose deep farming roots and passion for agriculture led her to create a platform that combines tradition with technology. Having experienced the lack of accessible and practical agricultural knowledge firsthand, Anna set out to bridge the information gap in the industry.

The journey of developing Comble was not without its challenges. The team faced the task of identifying the optimal product business model and securing a comprehensive dataset. Initially, the vision for Comble involved assembling a team of scientists, experts, and data scientists to create and curate an extensive agricultural database.

"The most significant challenge we faced during the development of Comble was identifying the optimal product business model and securing a comprehensive dataset. Initially, our vision for Comble involved assembling a team of scientists and experts who, in collaboration with data scientists, would undertake the arduous task of creating and curating an extensive agricultural database to train our neural network.

However, given the current state of digitalization in the agriculture sector, this endeavor would have taken decades, potentially necessitating the establishment of a dedicated institute for agricultural data. As a solution, we pivoted to a tried-and-true business model reminiscent of Spotify's approach. This involved compensating experts to provide genuinely reliable, valuable, and actionable information, ensuring that our users receive the best guidance more practically and efficiently", - Ana mentions in a conversation with Entrepreneur.

Ensuring that the information provided was reliable, valuable, and actionable required compensating experts for their contributions. Building trust and rapport with farmers and others in the agricultural sector was also a daunting task. However, through their company, ATIS South Caucasus (Agriculture, Technology, and Innovation Services), the team at Comble established themselves as a reliable and dedicated resource for the agricultural community. Their unwavering commitment to service quality and continuous development earned them the trust and reputation they enjoy today.

Comble's role is to simplify the lives of farmers by providing access to the latest and most effective agricultural practices. By compensating experts to provide reliable and valuable information, Comble ensures that farmers have the knowledge they need to succeed. The platform also addresses the language barrier by offering localization into languages that are less widespread, such as Georgian, making agricultural information accessible to a wider audience.

At present, Comble's development is funded by its founders, allowing them to proceed with measured and dependable steps. It is important to emphasize that Comble's founders have taken charge of the development process, ensuring a steady and reliable progression. Nevertheless, the introduction of investments would undoubtedly expedite the product's enhancement, propelling the company towards even greater success. This approach ensures that the platform's user experience is thoroughly tested and reliable. Localization into different languages, including Georgian, is a significant challenge, but one that Comble is committed to overcoming.

"Localization into languages that are independent and less widespread, like Georgian, is indeed a significant challenge. That is why we've invested substantial effort in this endeavor, encompassing the translation of agronomic terminology from English into over 8,000 highly specialized words, terms, and phrases. Even seemingly, common phrases for native English speakers, such as "Crop Management," can pose intricate challenges in interpretation when adapted to Georgian. This meticulous commitment ensures that Comble communicates fluently and effectively in Georgian, establishing a distinct advantage over machine translation tools like Google Translator and ChatGPT.

Furthermore, we have made substantial progress in developing an algorithm for recommending crops based on soil and climatic conditions. We have even created a confidential mapping program to provide top-tier crop recommendations tailored to specific regions in Georgia. This experience left a lasting impression on representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture of the United Arab Emirates, whom we had the privilege of meeting at the renowned technology exhibition, GITEX, last year. It is important to highlight that the Ministry of the Emirates is actively engaged in the advancement of cartography, which justifies their recognition. This algorithm is poised to become an integral part of our functional complex, but we continue to refine and enhance it through ongoing research and development efforts", - adds Anastasia Grivach, the second co-founder with over 5 years of professional experience in agricultural project management.

The genesis of Comble can be attributed to the founders' visions and dedication to improving the agricultural industry. With the support of agricultural specialists and the farming community, Comble has evolved from a technological solutions provider to a comprehensive service that supports crop management and the export of agricultural products. Notably, this above-mentioned innovative solution in the agritech sector received recognition and validation at Hackdays Georgia, where Comble's team proudly secured a place on the list of winners. This achievement serves as a testament to the potential and viability of the concept

Looking ahead, Comble aspires to become a fully-fledged virtual assistant, specializing in agriculture. With its proficiency in multiple languages and plans to enter foreign markets, Comble aims to bridge knowledge gaps in agriculture worldwide. Comble is revolutionizing the way farmers access information and support, ensuring their success and the sustainability of the agricultural industry. With tradition and technology working hand in hand, Comble is set to transform the agricultural landscape and empower farmers around the world.

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