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Can't Stop Doomscrolling? It's Time for an Information Diet. In the same way we watch what we eat, we also have to be aware of the information we're consuming.

By Aytekin Tank Edited by Frances Dodds

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SolStock | Getty Images

The way we consume information has changed dramatically over the last months, which makes sense. With much of the real world off-limits thanks to the pandemic, our options for entertainment have largely become confined to what's available online. Dinners out with friends have been replaced by Zoom hangouts, and local sites like NextDoor have replaced chatting with our neighbors IRL.

But with our worlds so reliant on our devices and apps, it's harder than ever to log-off, leading many of us to take up a destructive new habit: Doomsurfing.

What exactly is doomsurfing? Kevin Roose, a tech columnist for the New York Times, wrote in March that, "I've been doing a lot of this kind of doomsurfing recently — falling into deep, morbid rabbit holes filled with coronavirus content, agitating myself to the point of physical discomfort, erasing any hope of a good night's sleep. Maybe you have, too."

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