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If You Work From Home, Do This Every Day It's time to give yourself a break.

By Joe Keohane

This story appears in the September 2016 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »


Some studies have found that working from home leads to greater productivity and higher morale. Others suggest that those benefits are at best temporary, and that prolonged time spent working from home actually saps one's productivity and, eventually, will to live. But whatever the reality, as the gig economy grows and more companies look to save on office space, working from home is officially a thing, and thus it falls to us to learn to do it. And do it well. And possibly do it while not wearing pants.

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As someone who has spent roughly a third of his career working from home, and who is literally not wearing pants while writing this column, I'm firmly in camp yes on the matter. Nearly two years into my latest stretch in the hole, my productivity is steady and my mood is fairly upbeat. I've been liberated from obligatory morning showers, tedious commutes, terrible open-plan-office silences and sad mugs of K-Cup coffee. It's harder for people to waste my time with endless in-person meetings. I have a great deal of control in terms of how I allocate my work hours. It's a good deal.

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