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MeUndies' Founder Went to Prison and Befriended a Bank Robber. It Was Great for Business. Relationships and lessons learned behind bars helped drive the company's future success.

By Liz Brody

This story appears in the January 2020 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »


It was too early. And too loud.

Shok -- as the founder of MeUndies had become known in federal prison -- shook himself awake, pissed. The 29-year-old from Beverly Hills had gotten used to sleeping in a cell, but actual sleep was sometimes hard to come by, given that his bed was across the hall from the "black TV room" (as everyone called it). Guys could get noisy in there. And on this morning, as the halls of the prison were still largely quiet, they were having a heated conversation about politics with the door wide open. So, scrawny as Shok had become behind bars, he got out of bed determined to shut their door -- even if it led to a confrontation.

What he found, in the middle of that room, was an intimidating dude named Grease, who couldn't have been less happy to see him -- and who, to both of their great surprise, would help define a new direction for MeUndies. But at that moment, nobody was talking business. The question was which one of them would end up on a stretcher. And really, it wasn't much of a question. Where to start.

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