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The Case for Being an Unproductive Entrepreneur Right Now Resist the temptation to always be "on."

By Aytekin Tank Edited by Frances Dodds

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Kathrin Ziegler | Getty Images

Years ago, I took a trip with my wife through Europe for three months. I didn't have to work, and only did a check-in once a day. Instead, I spent the bulk of my time hand-in-hand with her, admiring the scenery. We allowed ourselves to dawdle, to look out in awe at the landscape, to simply not DO.

To this day, I still consider it a defining experience in my life. In part, it's one of the reasons I deeply believe in the philosophy that we need quality time off or periods of un-productivity if we want to grow.

As I reflect on the current moment we're all living in, I would give anything to return to those days of lingering in-between sidewalks and strolling down unknown streets. The struggles we're currently facing in this pandemic are personal and heavy to bear. The discomfort of not being more productive is palpable. We crave a sense of control, and as author Peter Bregman wisely puts it: "It's hard to trust not-doing when we're all suffering loss right now. It feels risky. Our doing habits are so strong."

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