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The Inherent Rebellion of Entrepreneurship A brief history of turning things upside down.

By Amy Cosper

This story appears in the October 2015 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »


My first act of rebellion came in the fifth grade. OK, maybe it wasn't pure rebellion, but it was the first time I did something that was against the rules.

It was Mr. Saviano's history class. We were studying the Depression and its impact on families. Our assignment for the evening was to capture our family's history by drawing a picture of what our grandfathers had done for a living.

This is great, I thought. I loved history. I loved drawing. And oh, how I loved the waxy smell of crayons. I jumped on my bicycle, pedaled my way home from school and interrogated my mom on the topic of my grandfather. This story needed a permanent place in the notebook of my childhood. It was clearly something that had to be told, and I was the one to do it.

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