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Sometimes 'Staying Positive' Isn't Enough — How Critical Thinking Helps Me Quickly Recover From Any Emotional Setback It's easy to feel down when things aren't going your way, but I've found a way to push through the pain by adopting a critical thinking skill.

By Terry Rice Edited by Mark Klekas

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to differentiate between emotional hurt and genuine injury to effectively navigate challenges with precision.
  • Discover how embracing pain as a leader can inspire and influence others amidst adversity.
  • Elevate your approach to pain by distinguishing between recoverable hurt and substantial injury.

There's a big difference between being injured and being hurt. As a solopreneur, I've learned that separating these two terms has helped me push through many of the struggles and obstacles that come with creating my own success.

They always say embracing pain is just second nature to any business leader, entrepreneur, or content creator. You'll face setback after setback — and you're expected to keep going. And we all know the power of positive thinking can help, but sometimes it's not enough.

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