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Why Pursuing Meaning Rather Than Just Money Is Vital for Success Is yours a business caught up purely in the madness of making money? If so, look to find more meaning in your work! Trust me on this one: you'll be glad you did.

By Eric 'ERock' Christopher

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Today's customers expect more from brands. Companies cannot afford to be faceless monoliths focused purely on profits. While that may have been fine in the old days, 64 percent of today's global consumers will choose to buy from or boycott a brand based on its position on a social issue.

Buying from a company has become about more than the product or service involved in the transaction. Increasingly informed consumers are weighing a brand's greater role in society before they choose to do business. Because of this, all founders must focus on doing good — not just trying to pad their bottom line.

Doing good has a very real impact on customer trust