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More than half of the world's population can speak more than one language fluently. However, considering just over 21 percent of all Americans consider themselves bilingual, it's easy to see why most U.S. professionals often find themselves at a tactical disadvantage in the realm of international business.


Business is all about communication. So if you can't communicate with partners and clients from far-flung locations around the globe, how can you maintain that business? And if you need to travel internationally, it's definitely beneficial to learn a little of the language before you head over. While that might be a daunting thought for many business owners, there's a relatively easy way to gain some ground in as little as three weeks.

It's called the Babbel Language Learning Method. Crafted by a consortium of top language teachers and experts, Babbel's unique framework, along with its resume of ten million language success stories, makes one primary claim: its collection of lessons, podcasts, games, and more can get you speaking conversationally in a language of your choice in as little as three weeks.

If that doesn't sound like much time, you're right — it isn't. But Babbel doesn't waste any time either. Right out of the gate, students are quickly immersed after choosing one of Babbel's 14 languages. Then, with instruction broken up into ultra-convenient bite-sized 10-minute lessons, basic conversational vocabulary and grammar are immediately on tap.

Grouped around universal communication topics like food, family, weather, shopping, and more, Babbel's cadre of native-speaking instructors feed students new concepts in a unified, step-by-step manner. Lessons build off each other organically, offering one essential element at a time, so the learning sticks.

Before you know it, words become phrases, which quickly become sentences. And along with the language basics, Babbel instruction keys into the culture of the language, offering students the chance to understand more about the people and history that influenced the language. This helps them grasp more of the nuance at the heart of every language.

As a learner's skills grow, Babbel's own proprietary speech recognition feature listens to their pronunciation, checking for errors, then offers additional training when needed to help advance skills.

It's a much-loved system, with excellent reviews to back it up. "I studied French in high school and loved it. Babbel's techniques helped me recall and dust off my old skills," Charlene said in her Trustpilot review. "Babbel also makes learning a new language fun."

A lifetime of access to coursework in all 14 languages found in the Babbel App is now 50 percent off, while this exclusive summer deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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