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How to Advance Your Brain's Efficiency and Automate Mundane Tasks AI and cognitive automation won't steal your job — they'll make it more interesting. Here's how.

By Aytekin Tank Edited by Kara McIntyre

Key Takeaways

  • Streamlining everyday thought processes can create space for more complex challenges, enabling us to work smarter not harder.

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Early last year, two economists and two large language models chatted on a panel about the future of cognitive automation. The non-humans, ChatGPT and Claude, held their own, contributing meaningful insight to the conversation. At one point in the discussion, Claude remarked: "I believe continued progress in AI and automation could take over most routine and even many non-routine cognitive tasks currently performed by humans, enabling unprecedented material abundance while liberating humanity from drudgery and toil."

As I read these lines, I found myself nodding. True enough, cognitive automation — automating mental tasks like administrative work, data analysis and content creation — has the potential to take human jobs. But if adopted conscientiously, it can also complement the work that only humans can do, and free us to pursue more meaningful tasks. The onus falls on leaders to ensure that employees receive the proper education and training to adapt to an increasingly AI-fueled workplace.

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