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10 of the Most Innovative and Bizarre of the Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies There are plenty of intriguing companies on our Top 100 list, but from glowing plants to a life-sized origami boat, here's a look about some of the most bizarre.

By Entrepreneur Staff

Every single one of our Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies captured the minds and wallets of a large group of people. You can't get strangers to part with their money to support your idea unless it's something they have never seen before. But, even among the list of the Top 100, we found a few standouts that were either really futuristic or even a little strange.

From a pen that lets you draw 3D creations, to a company harnessing the power of bioluminescence to make plants glow to something as simple as a Swiss Army-style key ring, here are 10 of the most innovative and bizarre of the Top 100 Crowdfunded Companies.

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