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Science & Technology

A Leading VC Firm Has Secured €170 Million from NATO Innovation Fund to Boost European Deep Tech

OTB Ventures' investments span space technology, artificial intelligence, fintech infrastructure, and cybersecurity.


What Europe's Digital Services Act Could Mean for Content Creator Entrepreneurs

The increased burden on compliance could stifle creativity amongst content creators, especially those without extensive support teams or legal resources.

Business News

Evolving Risk: The Ever-Changing Nature of EU Financial Crime Gets a Boost From AI

Banks and anti-financial crime software solutions are working to prevent a new generation of criminals using deep fakes and impersonating individuals using AI tools.

Business News

European VC Reportedly Drops 50% in 2023 Compared to its Height in 2021

Even still, Europe's startup scene is still well over pre-pandemic fundraising levels.

Business News

The Fast Adoption of AI: A Close Look at Regulation in Europe

A round-up of proposed regulations that aim to protect EU citizens' safety and fundamental rights.

Business News

Top 25 AI Startups to Watch in Europe

From healthcare, to finance, to autonomous vehicles and beyond.