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Business News

Tackling the Fundraising Bias for European Female Founders

Experts are calling on the venture capital space to make changes, including putting more funds under the direction of female investors.

Starting a Business

Nearly Half of Germany's €30 Billion Startup Strategy has Been Implemented

It's part of an effort to support homegrown startups.

Money & Finance

UK to Invest up to €59 Billion in Tech Startups

'We want to be the world's next Silicon Valley and a science superpower, embracing new technologies like AI in a way that brings together the skills of our financiers, entrepreneurs and scientists to make our country a force for good in the world.'


How to Balance Your Branding on a Shrinking SaaS Marketing Budget

The idea of 'growth at all costs' doesn't always work. With a limited budget, prioritizing branding initiatives requires careful consideration.


15 Female European Leaders to Watch in 2023

These trailblazing entrepreneurs are overcoming challenges and building strong organizations.


10 VCs to Watch That are Investing in European AI

These are the firms that are investing the most in artificial intelligence startups.