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Clubhouse is Creating the New Social Media Influencer Clubhouse is creating a new kind of star. Meet one of the biggest: Swan Sit.

By Adam Soccolich

This story appears in the April 2021 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Courtesy of Swan Sit

Because Clubhouse operates unlike other social channels, it rewards different kinds of actions — and creates new kinds of stars. Swan Sit personifies that. She's a board director of three companies (Edgewell, NovaBay, and Far Niente), and she never yearned to be internet famous…but by being active and thoughtful on Clubhouse, she has accrued more than two million followers. "I do this because it feels good," she says, "and it helps people."

What enabled her success? Time. First, she devotes a lot of it to the platform. "I replaced TV and podcasts with Clubhouse," she says. Second, she never rambles when she speaks. "I am very choiceful with my words. It's no more than three to five sentences. Because if you're in a room with 500 people and you say something smart and concise, you may get 300 people following you at the same time."

In turn, she's found that Clubhouse appearances translate into real-world business. People have offered her jobs, a potential board seat, and five-figure speaking gigs. A billionaire asked her to consult — and said to name her price. "That's nuts!" she says with a laugh. "This is Clubhouse!"

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