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I cover business strategy, technology, and social media.


Growing a Business

Your Top 4 Questions About 2022, Answered By the World's Top Superforecasters

What skills will be most in demand next year? Will supply chain issues get better? We got the scoop from an elite team of forecasters.

Estrategias de crecimiento

Sus 4 preguntas principales sobre 2022, respondidas por los mejores superpronosticadores del mundo

¿Qué habilidades serán más demandadas el próximo año? ¿Mejorarán los problemas de la cadena de suministro? Recibimos la primicia de un equipo de élite de pronosticadores.

Social Media

How to Grow Your Audience on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the booming new social media app where big-name CEOs (and everyday entrepreneurs) speak in real time. Should you be there too? And how do you make it worth your time?

Social Media

How to Start a Clubhouse Room (and Keep Your Audience Engaged)

Sure, you can speak in someone else's Clubhouse room. But you may have more fun (and get more attention) creating your own.

Social Media

The Art of Moderating a Room on Clubhouse

How to run a compelling conversation with many speakers and (hopefully) many more listeners.

Social Media

Clubhouse is Creating the New Social Media Influencer

Clubhouse is creating a new kind of star. Meet one of the biggest: Swan Sit.

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