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The Art of Moderating a Room on Clubhouse How to run a compelling conversation with many speakers and (hopefully) many more listeners.

By Adam Soccolich

This story appears in the April 2021 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »


Moderating on Clubhouse is so complex, it's often too much for one person to handle. In addition to selecting speakers from the audience, a good moderator must also actively conduct the conversation — which gets complicated in rooms that may have a dozen or more speakers. "A great moderator keeps the conversation brisk and moving forward," says artist Drue Kataoka, a regular moderator on Clubhouse. "Sluggish rooms are small rooms."

For this reason, the job is often split up among multiple people. Kataoka recommends partnering with people you trust, to make decisions fast. "Assign clear roles ahead of time," she says. "Moderator #1 can take an emcee role. Moderator #2 can be in charge of guest relations, ushering up VIPs and scouting the room for both invited and spontaneous guests who fit well. Moderator #3 can be a "bouncer,' immediately removing people from the stage who should no longer be there and muting guests who are creating audio feedback with their mics." Because Clubhouse has no direct-message functionality, moderators often coordinate through Instagram or Twitter DM.

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