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Will Today's Influencer Content Still Be Around in 20 Years? The Answer Lies With Syndication. Yes, YouTube and Instagram may still be around in 20 years. The real question is whether two-decade-old content will still be visible.

By Matt Cimaglia Edited by Amanda Breen

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A few years ago, my niece visited me in New York. She was telling me about a new show she was watching about six friends who lived in Manhattan, met regularly at a coffee shop and got into hijinks. The characters' main apartment, she told me, was only a few blocks away from my own, and she wanted to visit. This would be the highlight of her trip.

The "new show" she was referring to was Friends. She'd never heard of it before. But she loved it and was binging every episode more than a decade since it went off the air.

Great television shows will live on like this because streaming networks and syndication rights keep the shows alive for posterity, nostalgia and new fans alike. But there is another genre of content exploding right now, one with thousands of hours of top-quality content being produced by some of the biggest celebrities in the world: influencers.

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