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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Maintain Keto on the Road

The keto diet is hard. It's harder when you're traveling. These products can help.

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The keto diet has exploded in popularity recently as it has been shown to deliver great results while it doesn’t ask you to give up too many foods. However, reaching ketosis requires some attention to timing and detail, which can be extremely difficult when you’re on the road for business.

Thrive Market, however, simplifies keto. With a wide selection of keto-friendly food that you can easily pack with you on your travels, Thrive Market eliminates much of the hassle of reaching ketosis. While everyone else at the conference heads to Panera, you can stay on task with a snack from Thrive Market. Check out some of their best options below:

Thrive Market

Original Grass-Fed Beef Snack Sticks

These ketogenic snack sticks pack nine grams of protein and just 90 calories in every serving. Made from grass-fed beef jerky, these sticks have a slightly smoky and slightly spicy savory taste that will be supremely satisfying. Whether you’re about to get on a plane or enter a meeting, it’s a great snack to get you through.

Thrive Market

Whisps Keto Snacks Variety Pack

These airy, crispy, crunchy snacks are made solely from cheese — a keto staple. Made from Cello’s award-winning baked Parmesan, Whisps pack calcium and protein into every serving. They’re a great gluten replacement and a high protein alternative to regular potato chips. Each pack has Parmesan, Asiago Pepperjack, and Bacon BBQ flavor.
Thrive Market

Sea Salt Macadamias

From Royal Hawaiian Orchards, these perfectly roasted macadamias are sprinkled with a dash of sea salt. Each serving has two grams of protein and there are five servings per bag so you can munch down a bag in transit to get a great dose of much-needed protein.

Thrive Market

Unsweetened Toasted Coconut Chips, Lightly Salted

These crunchy coconut chips received the highest flavor ratings ever tested by the Food Innovation Center in Portland, Oregon. Made from Thai coconuts and toasted to perfection using a proprietary method, these irresistible chips are crunchy, delicious, and a nutritional powerhouse. They’re a natural energy booster, making them a great choice for the afternoon at a conference before you jump into the evening networking.

Thrive Market

Wild Pink Salmon

Wild Pink Salmon is sustainably caught in Alaska by small-scale fishing families and cooked right in the single-serving pouch to retain nutritional potency and incredible flavor. Just tear open this bag and you can enjoy delicious salmon on its own, on a sandwich, or on a salad. There’s no added liquid, making these pouches perfect for travel.