El cambio del logo de Twitter que causó inconformidad entre los usuarios y otras 4 noticias destacadas de la semana

Descubre las noticias destacadas de la semana; desde el cambio de logo de Twitter reemplazando el pájaro azul tras 17 años por una X, hasta la alta demanda de la camiseta oficial del súper astro del fútbol Leo Messi.


'Algo auténticamente sin precedentes': Si quieres conseguir un jersey de Lionel Messi, tendrás que esperar mucho tiempo

La camiseta oficial del súper astro del fútbol está agotada hasta octubre.

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Adidas Begins Selling Its Yeezy Stockpile and Will Donate a 'Significant Amount' of the Proceeds to Charity

The company spent months deliberating what to do with the leftover shoes made in collaboration with Ye (formerly known as Kanye West).

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Adidas Expands Its Metaverse With Chapter 1 Of ALTS Collection

Holders will now be able to burn their existing Into The Metaverse NFTs to receive new ones from the ALTS collection. This collection marks the third and final phase of Into The Metaverse.


The Executive Selection: Adidas

The collection offers an updated take on the original Stan Smith Milencon court sneaker, as well as a newly transformed Stan Smith Relasted sneaker.

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Fashion's Foray Into Metaverse

Entering the Metaverse does not require a rule of thumb. There are multiple ways of entering space, such as launching NFTs, time capsules, establishing a virtual space, and releasing skins and apparel for users


Kanye West's Ugly Brand Breakups Expose Risks of Partnering With Public Figures. Don't Overlook These DEI Red Flags to Avoid The Same Fate.

If the idea of working with a public figure triggers a gut check with members of your team because of the person's past comments and actions, reconsider whether you want your brand to be connected to that person.


Adidas Took Too Long to Drop Kanye West. A Behavioral Economist Reveals 3 Mental Blindspots That Could Explain The Company's Failed Response.

Adidas waited much, much longer than other companies that cut ties with Ye, but why is that? This dangerous judgment error could cost the company its reputation — and they occur more often than you think.

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'Had to Cut Ties': Kanye West Breaks Silence on Adidas, Ye-Related Brands Fallout as Rapper Loses Billionaire Status

Kim Kardashian, Balenciaga, and Conde Nast's Anna Wintour have all released statements condemning the rhetoric.


Kanye West ya no es multimillonario; pierde fortuna por rompimiento con Adidas

El rapero Kanye West lanzó un reto a Adidas y aseguró que él podía realizar comentarios antisemitas y que la marca no podía hacer nada.


Adidas acaba de romper Internet con un anuncio desnudo NSFW: 'Normalizar el cuerpo humano'

La última campaña de la marca en las redes sociales está causando un gran revuelo.

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Adidas Just Broke The Internet With NSFW Nude Ad: 'Normalize the Human Body'

The brand's latest social media campaign is causing quite a stir.


La primera gota de NFT de Adidas recauda más de 22 millones de dólares

Los 30.000 NFT de Adidas se acuñaron en cuestión de horas, pero hubo algunos contratiempos técnicos en el camino.

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Adidas' First NFT Drop Rakes in More Than $22 Million

All 30,000 of Adidas' NFTs were minted within hours, but there were some technical hiccups along the way.


Why Franchisees Should Stay Away From Brands With Stubborn Policies

Nijhawan Group has been a leading retail player with tie-ups with brands like Adidas, Benetton, Nautica and Levi's. The company consolidated its retail business to make the business sustainable.