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5 Things Silicon Valley Gets Wrong About Agriculture

Fail fast, fail often doesn't work for farmers. Here are five agricultural realities funders and innovators need to understand.

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Mooofarm Raises $13 Million In Series A Funding

The company will utilize the fund raised to further scale its operations in Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana and also unlock its geographical footprint to Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra

News and Trends

BioPrime Agrisolutions Raises INR 9 Crore In Pre-Series A Funding

The company aims to utilise the fund for their SNIPR biologicals registrations, advancing the discovery platform, building a strong IP portfolio, increasing production capabilities, and expansion


Ranchers and Vegans Have Finally Found Something They Can Agree On

Advocating for the importance of holistic farming techniques has united two unlikely factions.

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Ganaderos y veganos finalmente han encontrado algo en lo que pueden ponerse de acuerdo

La defensa de la importancia de las técnicas agrícolas holísticas ha unido dos facciones poco probables.

Thought Leaders

Farmers Have Trust Issues With Big Data -- For The Same Reasons We All Do

Precision agriculture is changing the way people farm. But the familiar pitfalls of data collection threaten to hold the industry back.


Los agricultores tienen problemas de confianza con Big Data, por las mismas razones que todos tenemos

La agricultura de precisión está cambiando la forma en que las personas cultivan. Pero las trampas familiares de la recopilación de datos amenazan con frenar a la industria.

Growth Strategies

With An Aim To Make Food Accessible And Equitable, The GCC Agtech Revolution Has Begun

The industry enablers that can successfully fundraise and commercialize their technology today will become the Teslas and SpaceXs of the agtech world tomorrow.

Science & Technology

Farmers Need an ROI for Precision-Ag Adoption to Grow

A new report by the USDA shows that only 25% of U.S. farms leverage precision-ag technologies. But in states like California, Iowa and Nebraska, drought, labor and other challenges have spurred innovation.


Los agricultores necesitan un retorno de la inversión para que crezca la adopción de Precision-Ag

Un nuevo informe del USDA muestra que solo el 25% de las granjas de EE. UU. Aprovechan las tecnologías de agricultura de precisión. Pero en estados como California, Iowa y Nebraska, la sequía, la mano de obra y otros desafíos han estimulado la innovación.

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Steve Case Names 4 Industry Areas Ripe for Entrepreneurship

We're moving into a new phase, Case said this week. He calls it 'the internet of everything.'