Michael Gilbert

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder and Director of the Board at Semios

Michael Gilbert is the CEO of Semios, helping farmers use data to optimize every acre. He is a father, founder and scientist who is passionate about sustainability and having fun shaping the future.

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Science & Technology

5 Things Silicon Valley Gets Wrong About Agriculture

Fail fast, fail often doesn't work for farmers. Here are five agricultural realities funders and innovators need to understand.

Science & Technology

We Have More Farming Data Than Ever, But This Crucial Piece Is Missing

Farmers have been left to navigate an increasingly complex tech stack on their own. What's desperately needed is a single, integrated, intuitive interface.

Science & Technology

Farmers Don't Have Enough Water. Can AI Help?

Precision agriculture - the use of technology like networked sensors and artificial intelligence - is helping farmers get by without the water they once had.

Thought Leaders

Farmers Have Trust Issues With Big Data -- For The Same Reasons We All Do

Precision agriculture is changing the way people farm. But the familiar pitfalls of data collection threaten to hold the industry back.


Los agricultores tienen problemas de confianza con Big Data, por las mismas razones que todos tenemos

La agricultura de precisión está cambiando la forma en que las personas cultivan. Pero las trampas familiares de la recopilación de datos amenazan con frenar a la industria.

Green Entrepreneur®

It's Time For the Future of Farming to Be a Dinner Table Topic

With supply chains slashed and increased droughts, the public needs to take an interest in how they get their food.

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