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News and Trends

B20 Summit: PM Modi Calls For Global Framework On Cryptocurrencies And AI

The PM also said India is preparing a framework for Green Credit for businesses to encourage planet-positive actions

News and Trends

Microsoft Releases a Five-Point Blueprint For India's AI Governance

Microsoft claimed it has nearly 350 people working on responsible AI, helping it implement best practices for building safe, secure, and transparent AI systems designed to benefit society


Together Fund is Extending Its Founder-First Philosophy With Its Second SaaS and AI Fund

The VC firm on Thursday announced the first close of Together Fund II – its second early stage fund of USD 150 million focused on SaaS and AI startups.

Business News

I Applied to McDonald's and 4 Other Fast Food Jobs, but the Chatbots and Automated Process Made it Impossible for Me to Get Hired

"The jobs that made me apply with AI chatbots left me annoyed and uncertain."

Business News

RIP Metaverse

The Metaverse, Zuckerberg's tech obsession, is officially dead. ChatGPT killed it.

Business News

IBM Says 7,800 Jobs (or Nearly 30% of Its Workforce) Could Be Replaced By AI

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna told Bloomberg workers in non-customer-facing roles will be affected. Other companies have also pivoted business models as artificial intelligence increasingly disrupts norms.

Science & Technology

AI 'Godfather' Quits His Job at Google Warning of 'Scary' Outcomes

Geoffrey Hinton, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, is concerned about what will happen if AI gets into the wrong hands.

Business News

Meet 'SAM,' Meta's New A.I. Segment Anything Model That Can Pinpoint Any Item In Your Photos

The new artificial intelligence model has the ability to identify various objects in images and videos.

Science & Technology

Rein in the AI Revolution Through the Power of Legal Liability

As AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, it is high time we address potential legal and ethical implications.

Science & Technology

Can We Teach Morality to Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has already changed the way we live our everyday lives. It may have the potential to go even further.

Thought Leaders

Is a Robot the 'New Entrepreneur'?

Hint: Check-out jobs are threatened. But service jobs with distinct cognitive skills are safe. "Terminator 2" isn't here yet.


Are Robots The Future of Commerce?

Whether you hate or love them, it's always good to know what the future of technology will hold


Behind the Scenes of Haptik, Chat Based Personal Assistance

Haptik claims to change the way we businesses look for conversational commerce in India


Helpchat Now Doesn't Have a Chat Anymore

Sick of A.I. and chat bots, Helpchat has switched back to regular tap model