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Airlines Know Their Boarding Process Is Excruciatingly Inefficient. Here's Why They Won't Change It.

One of the most frustrating parts of air travel isn't likely to get better anytime soon.

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Pilot Dies In the Bathroom After Flight Departs from Miami. Airline Is 'Deeply Saddened By This Event.'

LATAM Airlines Captain Iván Andaur Santibáñez collapsed midway through the journey, prompting his co-pilots to make an emergency landing.

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Airlines Are Finally Fixing the Shrunken Seats That Make Flying So Miserable — Here's What to Expect

Delta, United Airlines and more have announced some big — and expensive — changes.

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Disorderly Airline Passengers Are Disappearing in the U.S.: 'We Are Addressing This Issue Aggressively.'

Incidents involving unruly air travelers abounded during the pandemic. Where are they now?

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Your Summer Air Travel Could Be Complicated By a 'Very Frustrating' Issue, Expert Says

It's a global problem with no end in sight anytime soon.

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These Are the Most Hated Airlines in the U.S., According to a New Report

Some carriers stand out for all the wrong reasons.

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Are Self-Flying Planes the Future of Air Travel? An Aviation Expert Weighs In.

There's a big difference between flying on autopilot and flying without a human at all.

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Bomb Threat Found in Bathroom Grounds United Flight in Vermont for Hours

Officials confirmed nothing suspicious was found on the plane that landed at Burlington International Airport.

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FedEx and UPS Will Soon Be Flying Pilotless Planes. How Safe Are They?

The autonomous cargo aircraft cut carbon emissions by half.

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Passengers on Delayed Flight Form Human Barricade to Prevent Others From Flying

Turns out "air rage" doesn't magically go away when the airplane lands.

Green Entrepreneur

A Vodka Company Now Makes Sustainable Fuel for Planes

The Brooklyn-based Air Company has invented a technology that uses carbon emissions to create alcohol and fuel.

Celebrity Entrepreneurs

Elon Musk's New Private Jet Is Something to Behold. But How Bad Is It for the Climate?

The richest man in the world has placed an order for a Gulfstream G700, adding to his impressive fleet of four jets.

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2 Airlines To Consider for 2022

Let's take a look at two of the more well known names and see if there's any potential upside to be had in light of the recalibrated risk profile.

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Air Travel Resumes, but Majority Indians Skeptical About Taking a Flight

About 76 per cent respondents to a survey conducted by community platform Localcircles said they do not plan to take a flight in the next 30 days at least.


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From food to fashion to biology, 3D Printing is ready to be a part of any industry.