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Not Mayday, But Indian Civil Aviation Has Its Head In the Clouds

Though the number of midair scares is miniscule compared with total operations, the frequency–and the rate of increase–of the occurrences should set the alarm bells ringing


Follow The Leader: Thomas Flohr, Founder And Chairman, Vista Global Holding

Flohr, has successfully transformed a venture that started with operating just two aircrafts into a global private aviation group with 350 jets flying to every continent.

Business News

Verizon and AT&T Agree to Delay 5G Rollout After Previously Rejecting Regulators' Request

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other aviation officials fear that the use of C-band spectrum for 5G wireless services could interfere with sensitive aircraft electronics, disrupt flights and result in some diversions.


Is Data Really the New Oil?

"There is too much being read and made out of data and as usual it's going through the hype-curve right now."

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How JetSetGo is redefining the private aviation business in India

JetSetGo is a multi-faceted organization focused on delivering innovative and transformational solutions to the general aviation industry.

Science & Technology

Engineers Are Developing Tech That Could Make Airplanes More Human

Think about airplanes -- covered in skin.