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Se agota la calcomanía de "ventana rota" de Cybertruck

Tesla se mofa del incidente de las ventanas 'irrompibles' de Cybertruck y saca a la venta calcomanías de 'ventana rota' ¡que se agotan en tiempo récord!


Alexis Ohanian, cofundador de Reddit, dice que la "mentalidad del surfer" es el enfoque "correcto" en los negocios y en la vida. Aquí te explicamos por qué

El cofundador de Reddit recientemente habló con estudiantes en su alma mater, la Universidad de Virginia.

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Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Says the 'Surfer Mindset' Is the 'Right' Approach in Business and in Life. Here's Why.

The Reddit co-founder recently spoke to students at his alma mater, the University of Virginia.

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You'll Never Achieve Work-Life Balance — and You Shouldn't, Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Says

Take a peek inside the serial entrepreneur and investor's routine on the road and at home — and see how he navigates all of his responsibilities ahead of the birth of his second child with Serena Williams.

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Alexis Ohanian Says This Is the No. 1 Thing the 'Most Successful CEOs' Regret Not Doing

The Reddit founder took to X to pen his thoughts on work and fatherhood.


Alexis Ohanian se une a Stella Artois para ayudar a los estadounidenses a dejar de perder la cabeza durante la época de impuestos

El innovador y el cervecero se han unido para ayudar a todos a relajarse durante esta estresante temporada.

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Alexis Ohanian Teams Up With Stella Artois to Help Americans Stop Losing Their Minds During Tax Time

The innovator and the beer-maker have joined forces to help everyone chill out during this stressful season.

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Reddit Appoints Michael Seibel to Ohanian's Vacated Board Seat

Seibel is well-known in the tech world for promoting diversity and inclusion.


Alexis Ohanian's Resignation from Reddit is the Type of Leadership the World Needs

Here's what the rest of us could learn from his decision.

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Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian's Top Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur and investor shares how leaders can thrive both mentally and physically.


How Reddit's Alexis Ohanian Balances Work and Family

The entrepreneur and investor, shares his take on parental leave and work-life balance.

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9 Quotes on Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business from Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian

This internet entrepreneur can teach you a thing or two about launching a company.


10 Interesting Things We've Learned About Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian

The entrepreneur and investor is all about making the biggest impact.

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5 Reasons Why an Open Internet Makes a Better World

Reddit's Alexis Ohanian touts the internet for having democratized information and having 'flattened' the world.

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What Advice Entrepreneurs Really Want (and Don't Ignore)

A walk through a recent Entrepreneur event gave an insight on the only categories business owners listen to.