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Google Shuts Down Comparison-Shopping Site to Focus on 'Future Innovations'

In an email to its partners on Monday, the company said Google Compare would end on March 23.

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Google Is Pulling the Plug on Photo Service Picasa

Instead, the company will begin focusing on a new service named Google Photos.

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Google Is Testing Wireless Charging for Its Self-Driving Cars

Wireless charging could help accelerate the adoption of individually owned electric vehicles.

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Alphabet Becomes Most Valuable U.S. Company; Gmail Hits 1 Billion Users

The parent company of Google stole the crown from Apple.

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Alphabet Spent $3.6 Billion on Moonshot Projects

Monday marked the first time that Alphabet reported quarterly revenue from Google's core advertising businesses as separate from its more experimental ventures.

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Google Reportedly Paid Apple $1 Billion to Keep Its Search Bar on iPhone

The report came from court transcripts related to a copyright lawsuit filed by Oracle Corp.

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Elon Musk and Other Tech Leaders Pour $1 Billion Into Artificial Intelligence Startup

The effort announced on Friday, called OpenAI, joins significant investments from companies such as Alphabet Inc's Google, Facebook Inc and Inc.

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Google Life Sciences Unit Rebrands as 'Verily'

The name change follows Google's transition to the parent name Alphabet.

Science & Technology

Alphabet's Eric Schmidt: Gmail Is 'Far More Secure' Than Government Systems

Schmidt spoke this week at a private cybersecurity thought leadership forum in New York City.

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Guess What Domain Name Google Just Bought?

Hint: It has to do with its new holding company.


What Google's New Parent, Alphabet, Is Teaching Us About Self-Actualization

What are Sergey Brin and Larry Page up to now? A groundbreaking path toward their vision of the future.

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Why Google's Move to Alphabet Just Changed This Man's Life

Google's restructuring means the purchase of more than a few domains from Daniel Negari's web domain registry,

Data & Recovery

Google to Reorganize Into New Company Called 'Alphabet'

The search giant is breaking into smaller units and adopting an umbrella-company strategy.