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As Shutterstock earnings push on, can the stock reach $80?

Shutterstock shares are declining by 7.5% after rallying as much as 22.0% the day prior, as you will find out soon, the decline is completely unjustified

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The Next Stage Of Google’s Rally Just Started

With last week’s dip continuing to be reversed, it’s starting to look like the next stage of the rally has already started


"Sin duda esto causa ansiedad": el CEO de Google habla de la ronda de despidos más grande en la historia de la compañía

Sundar Pichai, CEO de Google, atendió las preocupaciones de los empleados durante una reunión pública de toda la compañía el lunes.


Alphabet, la dueña de Google, recortará 10,000 empleos en próximas fechas

Los recortes en las empresas del sector tecnológico siguen. Ahora es el turno de Google.

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Apple Is Now Valued More Than Alphabet, Amazon and Meta Combined

Tech stocks have suffered after posting poor quarterly earnings, but Apple dodged a wipeout.

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'It's a Bad Omen': Google Earnings Reaffirm TikTok's Advertising Domination

TikTok is on track to overtake YouTube as the social media platform users spend the most time watching.


Los ingresos publicitarios de YouTube están a la baja, ¿TikTok tiene la culpa?

La empresa asegura que la desaceleración de la plataforma está ligada al entorno global con problemas en la cadena de suministros, inflación y guerras, pero no habla de su agresiva competencia.

Social Media

YouTube ad revenue is down, is TikTok to blame?

The company assures that the slowdown of the platform is linked to the global environment with problems in the supply chain, inflation and wars, but does not mention its aggressive competition.

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Waymo's self-driving car is ready for commercial service in San Francisco

After more than a decade of development, testing and simulation, the company is ready to offer you a self-driving car that can take you to your workplace.


El vehículo autónomo de Waymo está listo para dar servicio comercial en San Francisco

Después de más de una década de desarrollo, pruebas y simulación, la empresa está lista para que un auto sin conductor te lleve a tu lugar de trabajo.

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Alphabet Makes Record Profits, Thanks to Google Ad Sales

Alphabet, the parent company of search engine giant Google, saw substantial growth in revenues in the first quarter of 2021.

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Apple, Comcast, Alphabet Among Big Companies Pledging Money to Fight Inequality

But not all Fortune 100 companies are donating, nor is the money consistent with company coffers. In fact, a few tech billionaires have donated more than some companies.

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Google Can Do Well Only If Others Do Well, Says CEO Sundar Pichai

Alphabet and Google CEO Pichai dismissed risks of Google becoming too powerful.


These 3 Global Tech Giants are Betting Big on Indian Start-ups

Facebook's intention to invest more in the country follows the footsteps of the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Thought Leaders

Google Misses Revenue Estimates, Has Worst Day on Stock Market Since 2012

Plus, the tech-heavy Nasdaq falls from its record high.