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Weekly News Roundup

One More City Boosts its Minimum Wage: Weekly News Roundup

Plus: Spotify's valuation hits $8.5 billion while Beyonce faces a branding backlash.

Apple Music Faces Antitrust Scrutiny

New York and Connecticut are investigating Apple's negotiations with music companies to look for signs of potential violations.

Apple's Beats Music Draws Antitrust Scrutiny Over Deals With Record Labels

The iPhone maker prepares to debut a new version of the Beats Music streaming service.
Legal Issues

EU Says Google Cheated in Shopping Searches

In another antitrust investigation, the search giant is accused of distorting Internet search results to favor its shopping service.

Google Could Face Additional Antitrust Heat in Europe

A newly released document could be taken into account by European antitrust regulators.
Weekly News Roundup

Why Etsy's Rumored IPO Matters: Your Weekly News Roundup

Brush up on the latest from Apple, Google, Bitcoin, Etsy and other innovation news in a snap.

Google Looks to Head Off U.S. Antitrust Lawsuit Over Android

The lawsuit comes as the Internet search company faces increased regulatory pressure from European authorities.
Legal Issues

Apple Wins Digital Music Antitrust Trial

A U.S. jury decided the company did not act improperly when it restricted music purchases for iPod users to Apple's iTunes digital store.
Legal Issues

How Dumb Is This Apple iPod Antitrust Suit?

The trial proceeds without a plaintiff because most class action suits are for the benefit of lawyers, not customers.

Apple Accused of Deliberately Deleting Competitors' Songs on iPods

Court proceedings are underway in California as the tech giant has to defend actions it took on iPods purchased between 2006 and 2009 wiping music off users' iPods accounts downloaded from competing m...
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