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5 BaaS Platforms To Transform India's Financial Services In 2023

Banking as a service (BaaS) enables banks to integrate digital banking services with non-banking businesses, empowering fintech and other nonbanking companies to offer banking services such as debit cards, loans, and payment services.

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From Machine Learning to Unfiltered Videos, These Online Dating Trends Are Set to Improve the Tricky World of Dating

The dating world has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to the proliferation of dating apps that have transformed how people meet and connect.

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This Is the Biggest Lie People Put on Their Resume

A new survey says one in three people have lied during the hiring process. Are you one of them?

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Microsoft Announces Hackathon For Future Ready Apps

The hackathon will involve a real-life business problem, which the participants have to solve using services on the Azure platform, used by Microsoft's clients in their cloud and digital transformation solutions

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Super4 Enters Fantasy Gaming Sector With INR 10 Crore Seed Fund

With the backing of INR 10 crore from Indian investors, Super4 intends to expand and strengthen its team across multiple verticals and kickstart its venture into the fantasy gaming market

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JobAdder Releases Its ANZ Talent Acquisition Report And Global Industry Report

The reports together highlight the impact of the resignations and the worsening candidate shortages with relatively stable numbers of new jobs, yet a significant decline in applications per job

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3 Strategies to Take Full Advantage of Gaming's New Decentralized Frontier — and Join a $178 Billion Industry

From sharing walkthroughs and tutorials on social media to "litepapers" to the power of livestream gamers as influencers, how to get ahead in the breakout decentralized gaming app space.

Social Media

Why are Millennials Hooked to New-age Social Media Platforms?

The meteoric rise of inexpensive smartphones, low-priced Internet data packages, and improved access to the Internet are ushering the rapid diffusion of video platforms in India