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#5 Startups Acing Blockchain's Deployment in India

Indian startups are catching up with their global peers are building solutions for some of the country's largest companies


India's leading Wealth Management Company Feels the Time Is Right For the Industry to Embrace Technology

The industry is poised for both growth and technological disruption. But what is the way forward?


Five Innovative Trends of the Fintech Industry

Digitalization, security and privacy: fintech has it all


AI Helps You Understand the Psychology of Consumer Buying Behaviour

Businesses using this power to their advantage will be the ones to beat the competition

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How Artificial Intelligence Technology Will Evolve In 2019

Taking into account the rapid changes and development in the economy, it would be interesting to check what the coming year has in store for the technology


#4 Gadgets Every Entrepreneur Must Try Their Hand On

Entrepreneur India brings you a list of gadgets that you must swear by.

Women Entrepreneur®

Women Professionals – NOW is the Time to Get Ahead in Your Career!

While the future of professionals in general looks bright, the women professionals seem to be at high risk of being globally displaced due to this skill gap


How AI and Data Science are Poised to Drive Significant Changes for Enterprises in 2019

With more and more enterprises undergoing a digital transformation, business intelligence strategies and tools are a critical necessity to derive real value through such a transition


How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Employee Engagement

Artificial Intelligence needs to be embraced for driving perfect decision-making and effective people management to tackle the obstacles ahead

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10 Hotel Trends That Will Shape Guest Experience in 2019

With the change in the customer mindset hotel industry must involve in accordance to the modern mindset

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Here's How Temasek Is Going All Out With Blockchain & AI

The investment firm is looking to explore opportunities in these two technologies

Growth Strategies

How This Company is Riding the New Wave of Adtech

In the past one year between FY 2017-18 the company has grown by 81.45 per cent in terms of revenue and 87.30 per cent in terms of profit


How AI Helps Brand Marketers Sharpen Sales Strategies During the Festive Season

Artificial-intelligence connects consumers with information and products that they'll exactly need and love


How PR is Intersecting with AI

AI will help PR companies to process this data to identify the behavioral patterns of consumers


Why this Insurer feels Startups Can Lead the Microinsurance Game in India

Working with this mass market has demanded various operational and product innovations