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Panera Bread Is Testing a Sci-Fi-Esque Amazon Payment System — and Privacy Concerns Abound

The tech's already been pulled from one major Colorado venue after pushback.

Science & Technology

What Biotechnology's Paradigm Shift Means for Businesses

Technology is transforming biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, both in research and development and manufacturing.

Business Solutions

European Startups and the Passwordless Future

Unlike 10 or 15 years ago, startups today have the resources, tools, and technology to drive authentication innovation.

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U.S. TikTok Users May Be Eligible to Receive Funds From $92 Million Settlement

The suit alleges that the popular video-sharing app used personal data from users without their consent.

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Use Of Psychometrics And Biometrics For Underwriting To Reduce NPAs

Availability of credit is a major ingredient in economic success of individuals, corporations and nations. It is therefore a sin that such a large proportion of human population is being deprived of the very ingredient that can take them out of poverty


The Next Frontier: Advancements In Biometrics Signals A New Era For Lebanon's Digital Future

The Lebanese government is investing sizeable efforts in placing the country at the forefront of digital advancements in order to further enhance the citizen's experience.


These Fintech Start-ups are Transforming the Retail Sector

Some start-ups are allowing customers to pay with just a biometric authentication process


Top 5 Evolving eCommerce Trends In Coming Years

Trends with serious potential to increase productivity of an online store

Science & Technology

5 Wacky Ways We May Soon Verify Our Identities

Need to unlock your phone? Put it close enough to your skin so it can smell you.

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Why Microsoft Created 3-D Scans of Random People

The tech giant is working on a biometric login feature for Windows 10.

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The High-Tech Way TV Networks Are Trying to Read Your Mind

New labs will track biometrics to see how viewers respond to shows and commercials.

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7 Apple Patents We Hope Will Be Used to Make Actual Products

From biometric-tracking headphones to water-resistant electronic parts, we'd be into a lot of these products. Get on it, Apple.

Business News

Microsoft to Offer Biometric Sign-In for Windows 10

It will be the first time the company has offered such a service widely across devices.

Science & Technology

Gold? Silver? Pffft. This Necklace Is Pure Illumination.

This high-tech necklace is made out of light and morphs with your every move. You have to see it to believe it.

Science & Technology

5 Apps That Never Forget Your Passwords and Require You to Remember Just One

The most common mistake people make with their online security is to have one password for everything but now you can do it safely.