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A Silicon Valley CEO Thinks Paraguay Could Become One of the Top Leaders in AI Computation

Want to learn more about the power of AI and business? Toufi Saliba is pushing AI machines forward for the future.


Don't Resort to Anger When You're Stressed Out. Here Are 4 Tips on How to Stay Calm.

Learn how to transform your anger into more fruitful emotions so that your leadership experience stays intact.

Business Culture

How to Evolve Your Organization's Culture Without Losing Its Essence

Founders can maintain their companies' "secret sauce" while evolving their cultures to meet the strategic needs of a much larger enterprise. Here's how.


WordLift AI SEO Tool Shows You How to Enhance You Site's SEO for $79

This AI plugin for Google Sheets could help your business get more traffic.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

High Performers Are 400% More Productive Than Average Employees. Keeping Them Takes More Than Money.

The competition for top talent shows no signs of easing, which means the companies that nurture and retain their best performers will come out ahead.

Business News

7 Big Announcements From Google I/O 2023: Google Isn't Holding Back On AI

Along with announcing a new smartphone and tablet during its annual Google I/O developer conference, the company also unveiled a series of AI-powered updates that will be integrated in search, Google Workspace, and more.

Business News

Bad News For Boomy: Spotify Removes Thousands of AI-Generated Songs From the Platform

The move to cut AI-generated songs is part of Spotify's effort to protect artists.

Business News

Wendy's Is Partnering With Google to Launch an AI Ordering System

The system will be rolled out at a company-owned location in June.

Science & Technology

How AI and Data Are Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry

Despite their main products being drugs, pharma companies are driven by the power of data and AI, which helps them prove their value in treating and eradicating diseases.

Science & Technology

How OpenAI's GPT-4 Will Transform Your Business — Whether You Want It to or Not

Here are some ways in which this new technology will supercharge your business.


A Large (But Disconnected) Team Won't Survive Tough Times — But a Close-Knit Team Will. Here's Why.

Close-knit teams are the foundation we have to fall back on when times get tough.

Science & Technology

Goldman Sachs Says AI Could Replace The Equivalent of 300 Million Jobs — Will Your Job Be One of Them? Here's How to Prepare.

The galloping evolution of AI technologies has captured media attention over the past several months. But what are its potential ramifications? Is there a real risk that AI will replace humans at their job in the near future? And if so, how can we, as entrepreneurs, get prepared?

Business Solutions

This $30 Course Could Show You How to Use ChatGPT for Your Business

Streamline workflows with AI.

Science & Technology

Should You Invest In Kiosks For Your Business? Here's What To Know About Their Profitability and Usage

The short answer: yes. However, like any piece of technology, you need to have a solid strategy and a clear set of goals to make money with a kiosk.

Science & Technology

Small Businesses Can and Should Consider Investing in AI Technology — With a Cautious Approach

Artificial intelligence is the latest hot topic, both in the business world and in general. But should small businesses hop on board just yet?