Business Model

What Is an Impact-Driven Business Model and How Can It Benefit You?

Explore the difference between a traditional income-driven business model and an impact-driven business model which can lead to greater satisfaction and income.

Jeffrey Shaw

Franchises are 'Ready Made' Business Opportunities

Franchising can be a turnkey solution for budding entrepreneurs.

Jeff Cheatham

7 Digital-Transformation Trends to Watch

Digital transformation often is driven by customer expectations, so it only makes sense for businesses to comply to thrive.

Alon Ghelber

Busting Franchising Myths and Choosing the Right Opportunity

Lessons on franchising's past, present, and future.

Jeff Cheatham

Building Your Franchise Community

Tips on building a strong, centralized brand.

Jeff Cheatham

How to Think About the Systems in Your Business

Being able to see your business as a system helps create the structure necessary to grow and succeed.

Scott Miker

3 Ways to Overcome Uncertainty About Your Business' Future

Simple ways to deal with the doubts that burden entrepreneurs start with thinking the right way.

Per Bylund

The 6 Reasons for Business Failure, and How to Address Them

From a lack of customer awareness to loss of execution focus, how failure happens, and why you should never shy away from analyzing it.

Lak Ananth

The Difference Between Hierarchical and Flat Structures in Businesses

A corporation and a startup are two fundamentally different animals, and they require a different structure to thrive.

Abdo Riani

How the Pandemic Got Me to Shift My Priorities

After more than 20 years as an entrepreneur, I never would have thought a pandemic would strengthen me spiritually and professionally.

Victoria's Secret Waved Farewell to Its Angels. Was It a Mistake?

Building up your brand takes years, which is why Victoria's Secret's marketing decision to shelve its Angels was a shock.

Adrian Shepherd