Business Model

Victoria's Secret Waved Farewell to Its Angels. Was It a Mistake?

Building up your brand takes years, which is why Victoria's Secret's marketing decision to shelve its Angels was a shock.

Adrian Shepherd

The Flexible Future Of Work: 4 Steps to Finding a Model That Works for You

Embracing communication and flexibility are two necessities for businesses trying to find a strategic answer to the future of work question.

Zeb Evans

4 Ways to Stand Out as a Small Business in a Crowded Space

Differentiate yourself in the competitive landscape by working smarter, not harder.

Pia Beck

What is a 'rage room' and how can you make money with one

The Wrath Rooms come to Mexico to enter the entertainment industry with an experience through which users release stress by breaking things.

Érika Uribe

Business model: How to make money with the health beauty of the feet

Foot care is no longer a luxury: more and more people are looking for specialized services to keep them beautiful and healthy. Make this opportunity your new business.

Érika Uribe

These are the steps to open an Art Café

In Mexico, the taste for good coffee is on the rise, while consumers are increasingly sophisticated and with a higher cultural level. Therefore, the combination of coffee and culture can work for you.

Érika Uribe

These entrepreneurs had to change their business model in the middle of the pandemic. They did so successfully.

Pivoting is not easy, what happens when you have to change your business model in order to grow? Mubit tells us how he did it.

3 Growth Strategies Small Businesses Can Learn From Google

To perfect your growth, emulate the successful strategies of industry giants.

Bobby Barr

What you need to know to open an 'everything for your dog' store

Undertaking in a store specialized in products and services for dogs may be the business adventure you were looking for to serve a market that, far from being a fad, will continue to take hold: pets.

Érika Uribe

Business model: Open a tattoo studio

Open a tattoo studio and participate in a creative industry led by Mexico in Latin America. According to Ibis World data, the country is ahead of Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Peru in terms of turnover.

Érika Uribe

It is time to undertake! Here is the business model for the rental of mini warehouses

The growth of vertical housing, added to the increasingly reduced living spaces, represent an opportunity to undertake the self-storage service, increasingly requested in Mexico among individuals, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Érika Uribe

Everything you need to open a retro picnic area

If you love American culture and its food, this model is for you. Make dinner time an experience with a restaurant set in the 50s and 60s.

Érika Uribe