Buyer Persona


La importancia de crear personas para su negocio

Las personas son cruciales para maximizar la efectividad de su presupuesto de marketing. Descubra cómo pueden ayudar exactamente a su negocio y por qué debería tomarse el tiempo para desarrollarlos.


The Importance of Building Personas for Your Business

Personas are crucial to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget. Find out how exactly they can help your business and why you should take the time to build them.


Cómo los emprendedores pueden establecer una estrategia exitosa centrada en el cliente

Su negocio no sería nada sin sus clientes. Mantenga su parte del trato poniendo sus necesidades primero.

Thought Leaders

How Entrepreneurs Can Establish a Successful Customer-First Strategy

Your business would be nothing without your customers. Hold up your end of the bargain by putting their needs first.


Buyer Personas: What They Are, Why They Matter and How to Best Build One

Fictional representations of customers can help you get a deeper understanding of who's purchasing your products.


How Adopting Digital Payments On Delivery Can Reduce 'Returns' For Indian Retailers

Retailers have tried providing "card on delivery" option by giving mPOS devices to the delivery folks but it has not met with desired success


#7 Key Steps in Creating Content Marketing Plan for Start-ups

The best way to know your audience is to build a buyer persona


How to Leverage Inbound Marketing for your B2B Start-up

Inbound marketing ensures a stronger brand presence and a long-term impact

Business Process

4 of the Many Reasons Why People Aren't Buying From You

Stop talking about your product and start listening to your customer.


What to Do When Your Ideal Customer Isn't Who You Expected

Most businesses choose their target customer based on self-perception of their brand, and then the marketing team goes after them. Your own perception of your brand, however, doesn't always reflect what's actually happening in the marketplace.

Growth Strategies

#5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Fails And How To Avoid Them

Your content marketing campaigns will fall flat if you don't build a defined buyer persona.


5 Laws of Advertising and Marketing That Haven't Changed in a Half Century

The three-martini wisdom of advertising legend David Ogilvy is as relevant in our age of the internet and social media as it was in his time of three TV networks and daily newspapers.


How Creating Buyer Personas will Double Your Marketing Results in 2017

Marketing without buyer personas is like flying in the dark and shooting randomly.


7 Essential Skills for a Successful Marketing Career

Develop these cutting edge marketing skills and be on top of this new game.

Growing a Business

4 Ways to Sell More Using 'Customer Journey Optimization' Strategy

An efficient customer journey will improve your conversion rate.