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Battery Smart Raises $25 Million In Series A Funding

The company will use the funds to expand to new territories, strengthen its battery assignment technology and build its team to continue scaling operations

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10 Deals on Apple Products and Accessories

Get the Apple products you need at a discount.

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Charge 3 Apple Devices at Once with This Cable

Simplify your travels with this 3-in-1 Apple charger.

Growing a Business

Charge All Your Apple Devices From a Single Station

Reduce your cable clutter with this efficient station.

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Get These Apple Accessories at Black Friday Prices

Upgrade your Apple experiences with these deals.

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These 3 EV Charging Stocks Are Powering Up

After being stuck in neutral for much of the year, EV stocks are recharging. Some of the biggest momentum is in the EV charging plays...


Work From the Great Outdoors with These Portable Power Stations

Working from a campsite has never been so possible.


This Solar Generator Can be a Life Saver in a Power Outage

Get affordable power all the time with this solar generator.

Science & Technology

Charge Your Apple Watch Anywhere with This Portable Charger

This portable Apple Watch charger fits on your keychain.


The Best Tech Gadgets on Sale Now

Earn store credit when you shop for tech gadgets.

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Take an Additional 15 Percent off the Sale Price of This Apple Watch Keychain Charger

This great keychain charger for your Apple Watch is now discounted even more off the regular sale price.

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This Portable Battery Charger Can Power Your Entire Home for Days on End

The last and possibly best power bank you'll ever need.


This 3-in-1 iPhone Charging Stand Organizes Your Workspace

Charge your phone, smartwatch, and earbuds simultaneously with this multi-functional charging stand.

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Declutter Your Desk With This $33 iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Charging Pad

Say goodbye to all of the charging cables.