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Stay Connected With 10 Charging Cables That Can Outlast Your Original Apple Cable

Stop buying new cables over and over again.


Stay Charged and Connected While Traveling with This Adapter for All Your Apple Devices

Save an extra 15 percent on this wireless charging station and adapter.


23 Tech Deals You Can Still Score During This 24-Hour Green Monday Sale

You can still get great savings on useful tech.


10 Charging Accessories You Can Still Get at Black Friday Prices

Make sure you always have a charge with these budget-friendly tools.

Science & Technology

10 iPhone and Laptop Charging Accessories With Black Friday Prices

Make sure you're always powered up when working from home.


10 Charging Accessories to Always Keep Your Battery at 100 Percent

Find great deals on all kinds of chargers.


This Ingenious Charging Cable Works with All Your Devices

Finally, one cable for all your charging needs.


Keep Your Smartphone Powered up With This Ergonomic Wireless Charger

Save 30 percent on this clever Qi-wireless charging pad that sticks under your surfaces.


The 'Evercable' May Be the Last Charging Cable You Ever Have to Buy

Get the world's strongest charging cable for less than $20.


This Tiny-Yet-Genius Device Backs up Your Phone Every Time You Charge It

Back up your phone on the go with this pocket-sized device.

Science & Technology

This Keychain Charger Lets You Juice Your Apple Watch on the Go

Go from zero to fully charged in less than two and a half hours.


This Keychain Charger Can Give Your Smartphone a Quick Charge Anywhere

Save 33 percent off this portable power solution.

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How Far Is India From Achieving Its E-mobility Goals?

The Indian electric vehicles ecosystem is at a nascent stage, however push from the government and the industry players' zeal to develop the space has made many start-ups join the bandwagon


Charging Infrastructure Not The Bottleneck Towards Government's 2030 EV Mission: Magenta Power

Magenta Power's Managing Director, Maxson Lewis said charging infrastructure would build up as soon as the number of EV options on road increases