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Here's One New Way for Business Owners to Cut Costs and Meet Sustainability Goals

Now more than ever, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need real, tangible solutions to rising operating costs and evolving consumer demands. Solutions must be flexible, affordable and long-lasting; cleantech, despite its niche-sounding nature, has broad applications that can help business owners stay competitive and impress stakeholders with next-generation quality and efficiency.


Future Forward: Abu Dhabi's and Hub71's Roles in Driving Sustainability and Cleantech In The UAE And Beyond

As per PwC's State of Climate Tech 2022, over US$260 billion in VC money has been injected into climate tech companies since the start of 2018, and in 2022, more than a quarter of total global VC funding went towards climate technology.


¿Qué pueden hacer las startups cleantech para fortalecer la adopción de vehículos eléctricos?

Se espera que las ventas de vehículos eléctricos crezcan al menos diez veces durante la próxima década. Desde ya empresas trabajan en soluciones para facilitar la adopción.

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Emerging Business Models in Cleantech

There has been a rise in innovative business models that promote sustainability across sectors

News and Trends

The Drivers of India's Booming Cleantech Market

The pandemic has made consumers understand the benefits of adopting environmentally friendly products

News and Trends

Cleantech Startup Newtrace Raises $1 Million In Pre-Seed Funding

The startup plans to utilize the fund to scale up its technology and build large scale electrolyzers to accelerate decarbonization of industries

Growth Strategies

Cleantech Entrepreneurs: Where Are You?

As various elements of the ecosystem are starting to coalesce for cleantech, we need innovation-driven entrepreneurs who can bring together the power of science with a scalable business model


UAE-Based Enterprise FortyGuard Makes Use Of Cutting-Edge Tech To Tackle One Of The Middle East's Most Pressing Climate-Related Issues

"FortyGuard will become a $10 billion company within five years, and $100 billion in 10 years."


Understanding the Real Deal Behind Power Conversion

This CleanTech IoT startup is developing smart power solutions


Here's Why Companies Need to Invest in Cleanliness & Hygiene

The most competitive segment of cleaning industry is consumable products.

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This High-Tech Spray Eats Smog, Turns Surfaces Into Self-Cleaning Germ-Killers

With a spray of this futuristic wonder cleaner, who needs soap, water and elbow grease?


Obama's Climate-Change Initiatives Expected to Support Cleantech Entrepreneurs

The President unveils a set of executive actions Tuesday that aim to cut carbon pollution and prepare the U.S. for extreme weather changes.

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A Competition Roundup for Entrepreneurs

Looking to score some loot for your business? Check out these four contests for entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

Business Ideas

Three Green Industries Ready for a Growth Spurt

Put the kibosh on your turbine dreams. Instead, turn to the past to create an eco-business with a sound future.


Clean Tech's New Boss: Hara Founder Amit Chatterjee

Hara founder Amit Chatterjee brings a software angle to the green scene.