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Starting a Business

#9 Cost Effective Ideas for Business To Be Profitable in 2017

If you are looking for unique ideas of business to begin 2017 with, take a look at these top trending business ideas to get it kick started.

Starting a Business

Where to Work When You're Flying Solo

Renting an office often comes with a price tag many entrepreneurs cannot afford.

Thought Leaders

4 Reasons Why More Women Should Join a Coworking Space

Human interaction will remind you that you're part of something greater as opposed to using your pets as a sounding board.

Growth Strategies

Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Thrive at Co-working Spaces

Wouldn't you as an entrepreneur want to lessen any of the uncertainties and complexities attached with your work?

Growing a Business

5 Reasons a Coworking Space Makes Sense for Startups

Your entrepreneurial journey needn't be lonely.

Growth Strategies

Startup Trends 2016 : Steps Entrepreneurs Took To Tackle Tough Situations

We see co-working spaces with a common knowledge base as the way forward as this drastically cuts down costs.

Starting a Business

While On A Hunt For A Co-Working Space In India, This Entrepreneur Ended Up Creating One Himself

BHIVE is ready to compete with WeWork as we have a better understanding of the market!

Growth Strategies

The Necessity Of Happiness At Workplace

It has also been found that in order to have happy, satisfied and loyal customers; organizations should have happy, satisfied and loyal employees

Making a Change

7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Invest in Themselves

Investing in your development is an investment in your company.

Starting a Business

Boosting Infrastructure: Setting Up a Meeting Outside Your Office is Not a Pain Anymore

Accommodating the need of mobile working


5 Ways Not to Be Lonely When Traveling Alone on Business

The next time you're in a city far from home where you know nobody, take a deep breath and call it the biggest networking opportunity yet.

Starting a Business

5 reasons why serviced office is a leaner alternative for modern businesses

Serviced office will continue to be another major occupancy option by companies of all sizes across industries.


5 Pointers for Finding a Quiet Place to Work on the Road

It's always good to have a couple of options for alternate offices when away from your home turf.