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Don't Say It: These Are the Most Annoying Corporate Buzzwords, According to a New Survey

Over 1000 people were asked what office jargon they find bothersome (and bearable). Here's what they said — so that you won't.


How I Completely Transformed My Company's Culture on My Own Terms

Here's how I leveraged the lessons I've learned to build a better company (the one I didn't know I wanted) and leaned into a cultural rebirth on my own terms.

Business Culture

Why Your Company Culture Isn't Rich Without Subcultures

A robust company culture is actually made up of a number of subcultures — but only if you successfully cultivate them.

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Ola Fires 200 People Across Teams: Report

Sources claimed that layoffs have been across Ola Cabs, the ride hailing business and Ola Electric, the electric vehicle manufacturing company


Dear Leaders: Stop Making These Excuses About the Lack of Diversity

If you want to build a culture of inclusion where people feel like they belong, it starts with questioning assumptions.


Why "Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast" Misses the Point of a Truly Healthy Work Culture

Culture helps to empower employees and set a solid foundation for success. But, it isn't simply set and forgotten.


Is Your Corporate Culture a Halloween Nightmare?

Ghosts and goblins belong in your neighborhood, not your company.


5 Ways To Prep For A Successful First Day At Work

Congratulations on getting the job! The hard part is behind you. Now that you have the job, you want to know how to make that great first impression and get on the fast track to success.

News and Trends

Two More Advisory Firms Joined Against Vijay Shekhar Sharma's Reappointment

As per reports, both the firms expressed different opinions about the reason for their disagreement


4 Ways Leaders Can Create Award-Winning Corporate Culture

Everyone wants to build a strong company culture, but there's a difference between communicating it and actually creating it.


Can Rituals Fix Our Soulless Corporate Culture? A Ritual Designer Says Yes, But Some People Fear Giving Even More of Themselves to the Office.

Ezra Bookman founded Ritualist, a creative studio specializing in the design of secular ritual, to give people what they really want: meaningful connection and purpose.

Growing a Business

You Can't Truly Tackle Diversity If Your Company Doesn't Think About This Group of People

There is an underserved community of larger people in the workforce who are regularly discriminated against and excluded.


Bullying Doesn't Just Happen in Schools. Here's How to Turn a Workplace Culture of Bullying to a Culture of Innovation

In today's workplace, you need a culture that allows people to be their best -- inclusiveness and acceptance are essential.

Growing a Business

Think This Way If You Want to Set Your Business Up for Success

Authentic, compassionate, transparent leaders with an added dash of curiosity are the future.

Growth Strategies

Making Startup-Corporate Partnerships Succeed: The How-To

The time of startups being seen as competition for corporates is coming to an end, with both parties understanding there are synergies to disrupt together for the end benefit of the consumer.