Cost Cutting

3 Strategies To Protect Your Business From Inflation

Inflation is back with a vengeance. Use these three strategies to protect yourself and stay afloat in inflationary times.

Per Bylund

Edtech Unicorn Unacademy Suspends Contracts Of Educators To Cut Cost

The decision comes shortly after the firm announced its plans to manage its finances more efficiently

Teena Jose

Bed Bath & Beyond Accused of Cutting Air Conditioning to Slash Costs

The retailer is denying accusations that it has turned off AC in stores as a way to save money.

CityMall Lays Off 191 Employees, Three Months After Raising $75 Million

The platform aims to help the new-to Internet users realize the power of Internet and e-commerce

Teena Jose

Maybe We Should Embrace Inflation

Inflation doesn't have to doom your new business. Done right, you might even help the bottom line.

How to Reduce What You're Spending on Marketing (Without Losing Results)

So how can you reduce what you spend on marketing without losing those precious results?

Timothy Carter

How to Spend Less Money and Time on Monthly Expenses

Monthly expenses can take a toll on any entrepreneur's pocketbook. Here's how to stop that from happening.

John Boitnott

How to Become an Entrepreneur Who Doesn't Think About Costs

It's natural to think of costs as necessary and to focus on covering them. But a better plan is to focus on value. (Costs are, ultimately, chosen.)

Per Bylund

How to Use Automation (and Avoid the Pitfalls) as an Entrepreneur

To use automation effectively, you need to first understand its strengths and weaknesses and then build a strategy around them.

Timothy Carter

New Priorities: How Businesses Are Reimagining Cost Structures

The pandemic has forced rapid changes across industries, and the shifts will change how many do business going forward.

David Partain