Welcome To Workplace Agility: Why Your Business Needs A Corporate Workspace SaaS

An SaaS platform, can enable the mapping of an entire office, including the number of desks and the number of employees, as well as the consumption of additional workspace requirements and check-in and check-out times.

Jareer Oweimrin

Coworking Spaces For Better Business Partnerships, Revived Relationships And New Business Pitches

India is experiencing a new wave of entrepreneurship and the growth of the next generation of founders, freelancers and businesses has put the demand for co-working spaces on a monumental rise

Vineet Taing

Why Co-working Sector Will Emerge Stronger In 2022

The co-working sector has done relatively well in past two years when compared to other sectors in the real estate market

Akshita Gupta

The Coworking Industry Is About to Experience a $13 Billion Boom. Here's How to Get In on It.

Breaking down the franchise opportunity at premiere coworking space provider Regus.

As Remote Working Becomes The Norm, Dubai-Based Letswork Aims To Offer Go-To Workspaces Outside The Office

Founded in 2018 by Omar AlMheiri and Hamza Khan, the startup enables its users to access and use on-demand workspaces, private offices, and meeting rooms.

How to Prevent a Toxic Post-Pandemic Workplace

It's been over a year since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many businesses and offices are welcoming customers and employees back inside. But it's relatively obvious that life as we know it will never be the same.

Last Woman Standing: After 2020, One Women's Coworking Company Remains

Hera Hub has survived the pandemic, and the cultural fallout that afflicted other female coworking businesses. Founder Felena Hanson explains how she pulled it off.

2020, The Year That Was: Omar Al Mheiri, Co-founder, Letswork

"Both as a person and as a business, it is so important to be able to bounce back no matter what life throws at you."

Aby Sam Thomas

Audrey Gelman's Apology Reveals the Struggles of a First-Time Founder and 3 Key Takeaways for Other Entrepreneurs

The Wing founder apologized for her company's treatment of LGBTQ and BIPOC members and staff.

Janine Yancey

She Sold Her Co-Working Business and Joined a Giant Competitor. Here's Why.

Shelley Bade has had a complex journey with the co-working franchise Office Evolution. It began as a competitor, then turned into a support system when she needed it the most.

Frances Dodds

Coworking Spaces : The Future of Workforce

If coworking spaces want to continue business-as-usual and ensure greater attraction of corporates towards them, they will have to implement heightened safety protocols, higher than a traditional office

Paras Arora