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Leading the Charge: How Awfis became a Public Company in the challenging coworking space sector

Recovery from the pandemic has positioned Awfis to go public, with an IPO size of INR 577-599 crore, including INR 2 crore in employee reservation shares.


¿Trabajar desde Disneylandia? La nueva tendencia de una generación

Es más barato para los trabajadores comprar un pase anual para un parque de diversiones que rentar un espacio de coworking y, además, pueden subirse a una montaña rusa.

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How Coworking Spaces Can Harness Regional Capabilities to Combat Local Brain Drain

The demand for co-working spaces is surging in tier-II and tier-III cities, primarily due to the burgeoning startup culture, increased focus on entrepreneurship, and the availability of a skilled workforce in these areas


¿Cuál es el futuro de los espacios de coworking en un mundo híbrido? Aquí tienes todo lo que necesitas saber

La oficina tradicional, alguna vez símbolo de estabilidad y estructura corporativa, se está convirtiendo rápidamente en un anacronismo en el entorno laboral actual y dinámico, y los espacios de coworking están reemplazando muchas de las funciones tradicionales de las oficinas.


10 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces were once a rare novelty – but now that remote and hybrid working has become more popular, the number of available coworking spaces has exploded.

Growth Strategies

Trends that will shape the Coworking Sector in 2023

Modern workplaces must shift from being office-centric to being human-centric, with a focus on flexibility, employee well-being, and sustainability.

News and Trends

Top 6 Trends To Look Out For In The Flex Space Industry In 2023

Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift in working patterns globally, with hybrid and remote working models becoming increasingly popular among businesses.


WeWork y SafeSpace crean canal para denunciar casos de acoso y discriminación

A través de una alianza firmada con SafeSpace, WeWork refuerza su política en pro de la igualdad y disminuir riesgos de discriminación y acoso en los espacios de trabajo.


The 5 Personalities You Meet in a Coworking Space

The way we work post-pandemic will never be the same, so it's time to get creative! Read about the types of people you'll find at a coworking space to see if it is the right fit for you.

Growth Strategies

At Innovation Café Qatar, It's All About Creativity, Collaboration, And, Yes, Coffee

Innovation Café Qatar is ensuring entrepreneurs in the peninsula can innovate, network, and thrive- all while enjoying some fresh coffee

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TECOM Group's Co-Working Space D/Quarters To Enable More Community-Driven Entrepreneurship

With 7,800 companies and over 100,000 professionals already part of TECOM Group, the launch of D/Quarters comes as part of the Group's continued efforts to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the UAE.


Welcome To Workplace Agility: Why Your Business Needs A Corporate Workspace SaaS

An SaaS platform, can enable the mapping of an entire office, including the number of desks and the number of employees, as well as the consumption of additional workspace requirements and check-in and check-out times.

Growth Strategies

Coworking Spaces For Better Business Partnerships, Revived Relationships And New Business Pitches

India is experiencing a new wave of entrepreneurship and the growth of the next generation of founders, freelancers and businesses has put the demand for co-working spaces on a monumental rise


The Coworking Industry Is About to Experience a $13 Billion Boom. Here's How to Get In on It.

Breaking down the franchise opportunity at premiere coworking space provider Regus.


As Remote Working Becomes The Norm, Dubai-Based Letswork Aims To Offer Go-To Workspaces Outside The Office

Founded in 2018 by Omar AlMheiri and Hamza Khan, the startup enables its users to access and use on-demand workspaces, private offices, and meeting rooms.