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How to Master the 5 Primary Challenges in Online Verification

Implementing online ID verification can be rather troublesome for companies. Here, we will discuss how to address the top 5 obstacles in ID verification.


The World is Doubling Down on Cybersecurity — Here's What Business Leaders Should Know

As cybersecurity regulations evolve, businesses must embrace compliance as a strategic imperative.


Saudi Arabia-Based Cognna Closes A US$2.25 Million Seed Investment Round Led By Impact46

Cognna was one of the emerging local companies that participated at the inaugural Cybersecurity Accelerator Program in August 2022.

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Free Report: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Cybersecurity

Understanding the threat landscape and taking proactive steps to protect your business.

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7 Next-Generation Security Recommendations to Safeguard Your Data

The cyber threat landscape is growing rapidly, forcing organizations to adapt innovative measures to counter new attack vectors. Learn about emerging methods of data protection that go beyond standard security protocols.

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Data Breaches Cost $1 Million More When Remote Work Is Involved — Here Are 4 Steps to Protect Your Business.

As many companies return to the office, remote work remains prevalent, introducing security risks. However, you don't need to pull everyone back into the office. I'll share how the company I work for addresses these risks and how you can safeguard yours.

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23andMe Hackers Selling Stolen User Data, Including DNA Profiles of 'Celebrities,' on Dark Web

Ancestry and genetic test kit company 23andMe has fallen victim to a significant cyber attack, with hackers claiming to have account information for Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, among others.

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Severe Cyberattack Strikes Clorox, Derails Production and Financial Outlook

Clorox, known for its household cleaning products, suffered the cyberattack in August, but operations still have not returned to normal.

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Las Vegas Is Dealing with Repeated Cyberattacks Making Visitors the Big Losers

MGM Resorts International faced a major cyberattack that significantly disrupted its operations, affecting Las Vegas properties including the Bellagio and MGM Grand.


Why Do We Let Ourselves Get Scammed?

On this week's episode of "Dirty Money," psychologist Christopher Chabris shares tips to avoid getting taken in by expert financial criminals.

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5 Things Successful Businesses Do to Fight Cybercrime

Join us for this free webinar and learn how to better protect your business from the ever-present threats of bad actors online.

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A Cybersecurity Expert Reveals Why You're a Cybercriminal's Next Target — and 5 Things You Can Do to Beef Up Your Defense.

The right plans and procedures can be the difference between thwarting a cyberattack and becoming headline news.

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Don't Overlook This Critical Element in Your Cybersecurity Strategy

In the labyrinth of safeguarding measures, Attack Surface Management (ASM) emerges as a critical component that can't be overlooked. This article delves into a comprehensive exploration of ASM, underlining its significance for SaaS startups.

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Why Businesses Should Implement Passwordless Authentication Right Now

Highlight the growing cybersecurity threats and the need for businesses to adopt passwordless authentication to stay ahead of hackers.

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So, You've Been Hacked. These are the Best Practices for Business Leaders Post-Hack

The lasting effects of a cyber incident can impact an organization's reputation, customers, workforce, databases and network architecture.