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I took my daughter to Daymond John's Black Entrepreneurs Day. Here's what we learned.

Lessons in failure, resilience, and not being afraid to be seen trying.

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Shark Tank's Most Successful Brand of All Time Wasn't Even Supposed to Be a Business at First. Here's How It Became One With $1 Billion in Lifetime Revenue.

Randy Goldberg and David Heath co-founded Bombas, a comfort-focused sock and apparel brand on a mission to help those in need, after an eye-opening discovery on Facebook.

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How Daymond John's Black Entrepreneurs Day Is Changing the Game

Empowering then next generation of business leaders through capital and mentorship


Want to 10x Your Output? Follow These Focus and Achievement Hacks from Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich'

Use these eight powerful strategies to achieve peak productivity using Napoleon Hill's teachings from "Think and Grow Rich."

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'Shark Tank' Star Daymond John Is Bringing Spike Lee, Venus Williams, Shaq and More to the 3rd Annual Black Entrepreneurs Day

Applications are now open for the third annual Black Entrepreneurs Day, which will be held at the Apollo Theater in Harlem on October 27.

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How Daymond John Went From Selling T-Shirts on the Street to Running a $350 Million Company

The ins and outs of John's entrepreneurial journey.


Daymond John está buscando algunos buenos emprendedores imparables

El segundo Día anual de los emprendedores negros de la estrella de 'Shark Tank' busca regalar mucho dinero en efectivo a grandes empresas.

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Daymond John Is Looking for a Few Good Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

The 'Shark Tank' star's second annual Black Entrepreneurs Day is looking to give away a lot of cash to great businesses.


Si es emprendedor, Daymond John dice que es el momento de aprovechar el servicio gratuito de esta empresa

Los aspirantes a emprendedores suelen tener una idea, pero poco conocimiento de cómo ejecutarla. Ahí es donde entra en juego Inc Authority.

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If You're an Entrepreneur, Daymond John Says Now's the Time to Take Advantage of This Company's Free Service

Aspiring entrepreneurs often have an idea but little knowledge of how to execute it. That's where Inc Authority comes in.

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Daymond John Will Not Stop (Podcast)

The 'Shark Tank' superstar discusses his new book, his favorite order at Red Lobster and his prediction for a future White House resident.


Daymond John On His 'Powershift Principle'

In an excerpt from his new book, the Shark Tank investor shares his philosophy on how to 'transform any situation, close any deal, and achieve any outcome.'

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Daymond John: 5 Reasons Why Education Is the Key to Your Success

How to learn valuable business lessons, even without a college degree.

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Daymond John Wants You to Smarten Up: 'Money Doesn't Solve Problems, It Highlights Weakness'

The 'People's Shark' takes entrepreneurs to school with his new Daymond on Demand online curriculum.