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This Startup Is Making Chats With AI More Natural

Weili Dai's MeetKai has developed a 'multi-turn' conversational AI platform which better reflects the way humans naturally communicate


Get Paid To Test This Community-Based Fast, High-Quality AI Algorithm

Bobidi gives AI engineers the ability to dynamically build their own datasets based on different needs


Building a Deeptech IP-heavy Startup In India

A strong IP portfolio implies a deeper moat which further implies stronger customer retention and higher pricing power

News and Trends

Deeptech Startup Spyne Acquires Travographer For an Undisclosed Amount

With this acquisition, Spyne expands its presence in the real estate market


The Challenges of Two Spanish Women Founders Who are Competing with Elon Musk

Both are part of a new crop of BCI European initiatives targeting brain disorders working at the intersection of deeptech, medtech, and digital health.

News and Trends

Bengaluru's Instoried Raises INR 3.2 Cr Led By Mumbai Angels Network

The startup will utilize fresh capital to hire more talent, expand its operations globally and invest on various marketing channels


This Start-Up Is Adding a Layer of AI To Video Feeds

Bengaluru-based Integration Wizards Solutions started with enterprise mobility, creating a platform that would allow for seamless communication across devices. While the computer vision solution is their latest offering, the platform has also incorporated industrial IoT and mobile device management over time.


This Deeptech Start-up Uses Drones and IoT To Help Industries Monitor Assets

DeTect Technologies automates the inspection processes for several structures such as pipeline, stack, chimneys and tanks


Will Deeptech's Fortunes Turn In 2020?

While the full potential of these technologies are yet to be unlocked, companies are already witnessing efficiencies going up


Building Deep Tech In India: How This Start-Up Cracked The Code

The Bengaluru-based company, founded in 2014, started with enterprise mobility, creating a platform that would allow for seamless communication across devices. It now has operations in the US as well and expects to record revenue of $3 million this year.

Growth Strategies

This Startup Wants to Create a Giving Economy for Women in Southeast Asia

It currently has a pool of more than 3,000 SupaAgents spread across Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Of which, 60 per cent comprises of a female workforce

Starting a Business

Why this Nasdaq-listed Company Wants to Strengthen the Singaporean Startup Ecosystem

The company is looking to create up to 20 deep tech ventures in Singapore over the next five years