La Universidad de Notre Dame y Crescite firman un acuerdo para avanzar en temas de investigación con ayuda de la Web 3.0

Una de las ventajas de la Web 3.0 es el acceso a la información a través de los canales como blockchain, lo que permite acelerar el ritmo de los proyectos de investigación.

Money & Finance

How the EU Is Preventing Fraud and What It Means for You

The EU recently issued a comprehensive report on the "serious risks" across decentralized finance.

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Web3 in Europe: A Roadmap for True Digital Sovereignty?

There are many important factors to consider as the web evolves into a new digital era.

News and Trends

Giving Power Back To the 99% Of the Population; How DeFi Is Reimagining Finance

The world of web3 and Metaverse is evolving, and India is just getting started in it. One belief echoed by the experts is that DeFi the future of finance.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Why 2023 Might Be The Year of the Crypto Underdog

Blockchain is in a much different position than it was a year ago, and external factors, such as incoming regulation and broader market trends, play a significant role in what projects will get or deserve substantial backing.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

5 Quick Ways You Can Make Money With Crypto

If you don't know where to start, here are the quickest and most direct ways for entrepreneurs to gain exposure to the lucrative world of Web3, DeFi and cryptocurrency.

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4 Tips for Companies Looking to Enter the Crypto Market

As the crypto industry is maturing, now is the perfect time to enter the market.

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How This DeFi Platform Plans to Overhaul Traditional Finance

The CEO of RDX Works explains what DeFi is all about and how it is positioned to completely change how we deal with our personal finance.

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Venture Capitalists are Pouring Money into Web3. Here's Why.

Venture capital firms invested $33 billion in crypto and blockchain startups in 2021 and are on pace to nearly double that in 2022. Here's why VCs are so enamored by Web3.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Why Bitcoin's Brainchildren Face Vastly Different Fates

Both the Metaverse and DeFi are set for vastly different real-life utilizations.

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4 Key Opportunities to Leverage in Fintech and Beyond

As we trend more and more toward digitalization, fintech is here to stay. Here are some exciting opportunities that lie ahead in this sector for all entrepreneurs to consider.

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5 Things to Consider Before Buying NFTs

Wondering how to find a good NFT project to invest in? Look for these five important factors before making a purchase.

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5 Technologies That Will Shape the Metaverse's Future

The metaverse is one of the most significant trends in the technological landscape for the next several decades, and these five technologies will be extremely important in its future.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

Building Sustainable Wealth Outside Of Legacy Banking: A New Model For A New Era

It's time for a new financial system that rewards all of its participants, not just a select few.


Cómo las DeFi pueden ser la clave para combatir la inflación en Latinoamérica

Las llamadas finanzas descentralizadas muestran un potencial enorme para aliviar los ahorros e inversiones de los latinoamericanos.