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This is how cloud computing advances, a valuable resource for companies

Hybrid Cloud, Edge Computing, and other cloud computing concepts have begun to take hold in companies and will expand in the coming years.

Women's Champion Award 2022: 6 women who inspire in the digital world

Women's Champion is a recognition of women who work in and around digital-based businesses and manage to empower other women.

NFT: current stumbling blocks and challenges may lead to its democratization

In 2021 the NFT industry was a complete bomb, capturing the attention of the entire world as a rising wave of the next great revolution of internet commerce, but little by little it has begun to decline.

How to correctly take advantage of social networks to boost your business

Social networks continue to be a fundamental tool to communicate with your target audience. These tips will help you use them correctly.

Characteristics and importance of people-oriented leadership

If crises are an opportunity to rethink and transform things that previously seemed to work perfectly, it is a good time to reflect on the modern leader.

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