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From BHIM App to Aadhar Pay, #5 Add-ons in Budget 2017 to Boost Digital Economy

The Union budget 2017 holds a significant importance for the digital economy, especially after the demonetisation drive by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Nidhi Singh

India's Demonetization Drive a Hit or a Miss? India's Economic Survey Outlines Picture

Growth slowed as demonetization reduced demand, supply and increased uncertainty the Survey says.

Aashika Jain

Faster Clearances Will Spur Infrastructural Growth in India Say These Realty Giants

With the Union Budget 2017 round the corner, the country's realty biggies shared their expectations with Entrepreneur India from the upcoming FY18 Budget in the 2017-Estate Awards show, organized by Franchise India.

Komal Nathani

Expectations from Budget 2017: A Promising Year for Fintech

2017 is poised to be an exciting year for both taxation and the fintech space, Archit Gupta of Cleartax

Archit Gupta

Impact of Demonetization on Recruitment Will Differ from One Sector to The Other

As soon as the demonetization drive was announced, the organized sector faced a major liquidity crunch.

Dinesh Goel

Veteran Indian Politician Arun Jaitley lists 5 Qualities of a Great Leadership

Jaitley says India is on its path to become an economy which is making an impact globally and slowing moving towards becoming a a developed one.

Aashika Jain

Real Estate Veteran's Take on #3 Things to Impact the Indian Property Market in 2017

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, demonetization, GST Bill are likely to impact the real estate market in 2017

Sneha Banerjee

7 Ways India Can Move Forward a Digitally Driven Cash Less Economy

Can remonetization overcome the demonetized phase in country?

Komal Nathani

Cashing In: Demonetisation, And The Shifting Paradigms in The Investment Industry

After a period of hyper-growth and big ticket funding sprees, investments into Indian start-ups have recently shown signs of achieving normalisation.

#7 Reasons Why Health Insurance Sector Is Set to Steal The Show in 2017

There is an urgent need to ramp up health insurance coverage in India as out-of-pocket payments are still among the highest in the world.

Antony Jacob

Impact of Demonetization on Payment Industry

Along with the inconvenience, demonetization has reiterated a certain disbelief and disregard in the entire concept of cash.

Sirish Kumar

Demonetization: Its Impact and Opportunity in Indian Healthcare Ecosystem

The country is on the cusp of witnessing a revolution where the healthcare system would go cashless. The payment industry is in a state of flux, owing to the socio, economic, political and demographic changes driving the market.