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The New Agency Model: Adapt or Die

The creative agencies of the past decade must decide to either shift toward a digital, agile model, or face fading out.

The Rise of the 'Digital High Street': 5 Ways European Businesses Can Improve Their Digital Presence

Transforming operations to an online business model is challenging, but technology has paved the way for a much more seamless transition in building a digital presence online.

Dmytro Spilka

Say Hello To Q-Commerce: The Era Of Hyper-Local Delivery Is Here

Q-commerce (short for quick commerce), the next-generation of e-commerce, is all about optimizing delivery time to serve customers better, in addition to a shift in priorities such as supporting SMEs, adopting new sustainable practices, and investing in innovative solutions.

How Wholesale Businesses Go Wholly Digital

Four simple steps on getting your pandemic-pulverized company to go online.

Sarrah McGraw

Reshaping Your Business to Meet the Digital Age

Don't let forced digital progress due to COVID-19 distract you from long-term goals. Make changes now to bring your business into the digital age.

Priya Merchant

Why Digital Adoption Deserves Center Stage

Finding the right technology is just the first step. For transformation to be a true success, you need to change cultures and mindsets.

Ralph Tkatchuk

5 Digital Trends That Are Here to Stay. Time to Embrace Them.

The speed at which the workforce has evolved is unprecedented---and that's a good thing.

Priya Merchant

Digital Solutions Company WaysMaze Is Taking Advantage Of The Digital Transformation Wave That's Sweeping Over MENA

The one-stop shop company provides digital solutions and services ranging from software development, to immersive reality such as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), and more.

Pamella de Leon

How to Become a Digital-First Company in 2021

Here are four ways to future-proof your company by undergoing a digital transformation.

Shawn Freeman

Five Things Every Company Should Be Doing In 2021

As an entrepreneur, you need to put strategies in place to adjust to the new normal.

The Time Is Ripe For Radical Change In The Built Environment

There is an urgent need for businesses to reimagine their business models, service offerings, processes, and client engagements with a digital-first approach.

Suhail Arfath

Shifting Landscapes: Looking Back To Look Forward

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation by triggering the need for human behavior to change

Chun Xia