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Artificial Intelligence: Backbone of Fashion E-Commerce Platforms

AI enables every e-retailer to provide enriching and game-changing experiences to their customers

Jigar Agarwal

Usability First: Why You Should Pay Attention To User Experience

With digital transformation enveloping every aspect of our lives, or rather, the entire human civilization adapting to the digital way of life, user experience has evolved as a characteristic worth investing in with world's best technologies and technical minds.

From Textile to Tech: This Third-generation Business Knows the Need of the Hour

The CEO says bandwidth and data are probably more important to the millennials than good clothing, food or shelter

Nidhi Singh

11 Leadership Guidelines For The Digital Age

Ten years ago, when we would ask senior executives or company directors what "digital" meant to them, their response would usually be something related to social media.

Liri Andersson

Indian Banks are Digitizing to Tap This One Customer Segment That is Huge

'Millennials is not just a cool term; they are the future of banking', says Kotak Mahindra's Chief Digital Officer

Sanchita Dash

This Man Is Digitising India, One Project At A Time

Meet the man who helmed the passport seva project

Sanchita Dash

#7 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do To Keep Pace With Digital Transformation

It's very important for entrepreneurs to have a thorough knowledge of the technology on which they are building their product.

Creativity, Innovation, And Leadership: The Elements of Transformation

Transformation is a natural phenomenon, as old as the very existence of this universe. So why has it seemingly become so important today?

5 Things Startups Can Learn From Digital Transformation

Larger companies are starting to take cues from startup company culture. Use your inherent advantages to your company's benefit in the face of digital transformation.

Daniel Newman

Four Things You May Not Know About Industry 4.0

It's not fiction, it's not the future, it's the reality of manufacturing today.

Volker Bischoff

How Kuwait-Based Logistics Giant Agility Is Embracing Digital Disruption

Digital disruption in the logistics industry is happening in ways big and small.

Tarek Sultan

5 Tips for Managing the Digital Workforce of Your Startup

To get and keep the best employees, you have to change with the times.

Daniel Newman