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Five Things to Understand About Digital Transformation

Here's how by understanding digitization we will be able to revolutionise the way we work and excel in our ventures

Rajiv Jayaraman

Putting The Middle East Back In The Middle (As The World Order Shifts East)

We could be looking at a new Silk Road, where the MENA once again finds itself situated in the middle, geographically and strategically.

Tammer Qaddumi

The Learning Landscape for 2019

Here are some key trends that one can expect from the world of learning this year

Kamal Dutta

Why 60 per cent Retail Organizations in Asia Pacific Delay Digital Transformation

Fear of cyberattacks is a well established concern in the sector and can cost US$18.7 million in direct and indirect economic loss

Pooja Singh

Why Asian Economies are Leading the Digital Transformation Race

The digital revolution is helping companies and entrepreneurs to thrive

Pooja Singh

3 Ways Digital Adoption Can Make You a Better Business Leader

There cannot be digital transformation without leaders who have mastered the ins and outs of digital adoption.

Customer Journey Maps: The North Star to Digital Transformation

Diving right into digital transformation can tempt any leader, but a lack of architecture might mean failure. Here's the most important step to take before starting out.

Margaret Rogers

Ways to Quick Digital Transformation

Three ways enterprises can achieve quick digital transformation and add value to business processes through technology-integration

The Pursuit of Digital Transformation

Businesses must efficiently use technology to stay relevant and competitive

Udit Bhambri

Ten Key Pitfalls To Avoid During The Digital Transformation Process

The impact of digital transformation is unavoidable- it's simply a matter of when and how.

Does Your Business Need a Digital Transformation?

From healthcare to military, Maurice Freedman is turning his clients into digital transformation evangelists by building cultures that commercialize innovation

Collaboration Is Key As Old And New Business Models Collide In Traditional Sectors

The sharing economy, whilst still in its infancy in the GCC, is rapidly gaining momentum across the region.