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Customers Across Geographies Prioritizing Digital Transformation: Roshni Nadar Malhotra

The pandemic is fostering digital transformation across the world and companies are accelerating their digital programme

Shrabona Ghosh

Top 5 Strategies For Accelerating Digital Transformation

For every modern business to enjoy success in the market, it needs to accelerate its digital transformation.

Steve Taplin

Strategy Bites: Marwan Moukarzel, CEO, Alhokair Group Fashion Retail

"Alhokair is the only listed business of its type in the Middle East, and we currently represent around 85 brands, spanning from womenswear, menswear, kids and babies, department stores, shoes, and accessories, and a series of restaurants and quick service restaurants."

What Entrepreneurs Need to Think About When Embracing the Digital Space

Traditional businesses need to take a closer look at their everyday processes and tasks.

Murali Nethi

Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Digitally Transforming Your Business

Transform your business successfully by avoiding these common pitfalls.

Why You (And Your Business) Need To Take The Metaverse Seriously

Today, the internet is the bedrock of our daily lives. It's not only driving our gadgets and devices, but it's also navigating, creating, and mapping our digital lives through a range of social (media) platforms and apps.

Briar Prestidge

Gateway To Growth: Monty Group's Mountasser Hachem Is Tapping Into The Multi-Billion Dollar Fintech Industry With MontyPay

By launching digital payment gateway MontyPay aims to negate the obsolete nature of existing payment gateways with a one-stop-shop approach to its services.

Innovate Or Fail: The Cost Businesses Will Pay For Doing Nothing In An Era Of Accelerated Change

Over the past year, enterprises have needed to adapt constantly, as guidance on the COVID-19 crisis and government rules on economic activity have changed.

Ali El Kontar

Technology Is Changing PR and Marketing Forever

Three steps to evolve alongside technology in your PR and marketing efforts going into 2022.

Jaxon Parrott

Why Digital Transformation Is Important for Interior Designers

Mapping your clients' online journeys can help your business grow.

The 12th World Chambers Congress Kickstarts In Dubai With A Session Lauding The Emirate's Embrace Of Technology And Innovation

The three-day event is all set to highlight the need for global chamber of commerce leaders to adopt innovation in their existing models as the ecosystem prepares for a post COVID-19 world.