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LITT Is Combining VR with Social Media, Fintech, and Ecommerce to Transform How We Interact with the World It's and all-encompassing platform that aims to chart the future of digital interaction.

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Real life has steadily been colliding with the digital world for years. But nothing quite like the LITT app has been created just yet.

Their platform merges commerce and augmented reality like never before. It's a major step in establishing an actual bridge between virtual and physical worlds – and that's why LITT's private investment opportunity is also not one to miss.

Here's why LITT is so revolutionary, and why investors should keep an eye out.

The new 'LITTLAND' economy.

Today's social media tends to hold us all captive on our phones. There's a world within the apps. There's real life. Then there's the thick wall in between.

LITT is using fintech and ecommerce to break that barrier. Their vision is to integrate buying and selling with social media functionalities – and make them even more interactive using the latest augmented and virtual reality technologies.

LITTLAND is both a physical and a digital place fueled by augmented reality, a digital wallet, and the people who use them. This has the potential to be the most all-encompassing platform to date. It opens a virtual world for users where they can connect their LITT digital wallet to shop at real-life stores, buy digital real estate, and more. Brands can also pay virtual landowners to advertise within LITTLAND.

The vision is for nothing less than the future of digital interaction. And what's even better is that LITT has just the right people steering the ship.

LITT's seasoned leadership team understands culture, finance, and social media.

It's not the LITT leadership team's first time around the block – real or virtual.

Founder of DASH Radio, Scott "DJ Skee" Keeney was a Forbes 30 Under 30 Founder. He introduced the world to artists like Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, and Post Malone. He also produced music for games like Halo 4 and Ghost Recon.

But outside the entertainment space, he's also the author of The Metaverse Handbook. DJ Skee's knowledge of both media and Metaverse will play a significant role in developing LITTLAND.

Co-founder Brent Thompson is a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in tourism and marketing that will play a pivotal role in LITT's relationship with government bodies across the world. Thompson's successful past included being a director and owner of the largest family-owned commercial fishing company in the southern hemisphere.

Another founder, Cody McDowell, also previously steered a company's growth from startup to 50 full-time employees and $30M in revenue with profits growing year on year.

Marc Weinstock brings two decades of experience and is the current President of Global Marketing and Distribution at Paramount Pictures. He's orchestrated the launches of 30 number-one films.

DASH Radio asset acquisition.

LITT initially launched in Australia, and they've made $600,000 revenue in the last six months. With 120,000 downloads, 15,000 daily active users, and more than 20,000 redemption storefront businesses globally.

Now, the company is getting ready to target the American market and aim for more users in the millions.

Their latest big win is the acquisition of the assets of DASH Radio, which was founded by DJ Skee. It's the largest all-original live digital radio platform in the world. All DASH Radio apps are set to be renamed to LITT Live, with more than 1 million downloads and more than 20 million monthly listeners.

The acquisition gives LITT more than 88 radio stations, including 3 with Snoop Dogg, 1 with Ice Cube, and multiple with Insomniac. They'll also have a base of 240,000 instagram followers, 425,000 YouTube subscribers, and 20 major distribution partnerships including Google home, Xbox, Discord, and SONOS.

To top it all off, LITT will have access to some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, ranging from General motors to Ford and Maserati.

The acquisition is still only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to the company's overall growth as a social-ecommerce hub. And the opportunity to invest in a company so early with this much traction already doesn't come around often.

The LITT investment opportunity.

The Metaverse is projected to be a $1.6T market. And if LITT can pull off its vision, they have the potential to define a significant portion of the culture and activity in that space. It's a major paradigm shift, which should make investors all the more eager to be a part of LITT's growth.

They're already signaling the potential with a strong start and an all-star leadership team. And now investors have a chance to join them for the next chapter as LITT redefines how we interact with the digital world.

Learn more about LITT's investment opportunity here.

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